Building 100+ E-longboards for troops in Korea Information and help appreciated

Being stationed in Korea with the Airforce and not being allowed to drive a car brought me into the esk8 community. I hand built my first board from scrap aluminum with a handsaw and files.

Many of my fellow airman wish to have a board now too. As enlisted members money is tight so I am trying to bring down the price per board as far as possible. Currently I am able to have welded motor mounts for 63mm motors made at 8$ a piece. I can order 6374 Motors with 200mm wires and 10mm shaft @ 47$ a piece right now, if we are ordering 100 motors. I am still looking for decent priced pulleys, esc’s, and remotes.Since our mounts will not be capable of tensioning I am considering using chaindrives. This would also eleviate any maintenance for people who arent very good with their hands. The batterys while unconventional but ridiculously cheap will all be custom made 8s5p from Valence Spahoin Lifepo4 cells @1400mah each. If anyone wishes to part take in this order or supply us with parts or information that would be fantasic.


Hey man I’d be happy to help if I can or point you in the right direction

Thanks for your service, but i am in no need of parts.

So this is the Motormount I plan on ordering:

It is meant to me weldable but also have the Option for 4xM5 setscrews with Epoxy as a clamping method. I went with 8mm of 6061 Aluminum seeing as many 6mm mounts tend to break over time and added support for tensioning of 5mm. Should I add support for a secondary clamp ring or do you think it will hold? My calculations indicate the torque is in no way able to come close to damaging it or the setscrews holding it. For the Esc Vesc seems to be everyones go to, but it seems a bit pricey. Are there better/cheaper alternatives for a 8s setup? What pulleys would you recommend or should I just go for the Chain drive version? I have the resources to design and have everything manufactored for prices better than any shop can provide what I lack is experience in the Esk8 sector.

Since you’ll be making multiple boards, I’m thinking that you could order a bunch of motor pulleys in various sizes, like 14-16t from sdp/si online, and buy a bunch of belts in various sizes from vbelts online to accommodate different gearing options. As far as drive pulleys go, maybe you can recruit a member to 3d print a bunch of a few different size pulleys so you can mix and match with the drive pulleys and belts. The 3d printable wheel pulley files are all on this forum, thanks to @juniorpotato, and could be printed from some online 3d printing service, if someone here can’t do it for you. Good luck, and rock on!

I can supply you information about remotes just PM and ill get you the details.

There will be multiple boards but the only difference the boards will have is either 2 motors or 1. So I figured basically if 1 Motor 13T motor pulley and if 2 16T motor pulley and always 36T on the wheel to keep it simple and prices low. Thank you for your input I will check how much cheaper 3d printing is vs making them from aluminum. So many people want a Board now that people who dont know how to fix things are an issue to be dealt with.

Looks like you have a great project here! I have negotiating power for motors and remotes so I can get you a better price on motors and I can wholesale you mini remotes. If you want more info PM me.

I’d like to add a summary of prices I’ve found and a rough Idea of what the boards will be costing. Deck is to be chosen and supplied by the individual since preferences are going way apart and I cant really buy quantity of any kind. Trucks: 195mm Paris Trucks @ 60$ Motors: 6374 200KV 3.2KW 200mm wires and a 10mm shaft @ 46.75$ if 8mm shaft is needed an extra 2.5$ Esc: I have yet to find anything better or available in bulk so for now VESC @100$ Remote: I’ve gotten many Pm’s regarding mini 2.5ghz remotes and the price is around 20$ Motor mount: I will have 100pc’s manufactored and the price will be 9.5$ a piece. Motorpulley: 6$ Wheels: 90mm Abec7 30$ Wheelpulleys: 36T either 3d printed or aluminum ~30$ Belts: I will provide 3 belts per motor @2$ a belt so 6$ Battery: We recently got our hands on 2000+ cells of valence saphoin 18650 lifepo4 3.2V I will be making the Batterypacks myself and charging 120 dollars for labor/bms/wires,nickeltabs etc. Charger: 28.8V 4A charger 30$

All together each board with 1 motor should cost around 460$ excluding deck and 600$ for 2 motors excluding deck. Do you see flaws or ways to reduce the price? If we have 100+ boards cruising on base will the remotes interfere with each other?

Why did you go with 195 mm Paris trucks, instead of the normal calibers 180? I think calibers are cheaper and the motor mounts for them fit better.

This might be a cheap solution to quality mounts for Calibers. Especially when you buy in bulk you can save alot $$!!

I’ve already got the motor mounts and trucks figured out. The trucks are Paris so they only have to drill a hole in the mounts and reduce cost. The plan is to have some dual drive 6373 boards maybe dual rear or diagonal.

Thank you I found the files and will print some prototypes at our community center :). If they please me I might have a friend from college injection mold them.

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Update: I have designed the drive system with all the components and will soon have prototypes commisioned.

I had to reduce the motor size to accomodate 2 in the design. So its either diagonal drive or smaller motors.

After having my initial mount design tested by a friend he said it is far to weak if not welded and not versatile enough for my plan. Inspired by some mounts I have seen in this forum I have designed a different clamp style mount with inserts for all trucks. The mount with all screws and parts for one truck if made 100 can be made for 30$. additional truck inserts would be 5$.

While clamping itself would be enough, the idea has come up to produce a mold to fill the free areas with epoxy after clamping to allow only the slide to be removable.