Building 18650 battery holder/connector pcb

As I saw many have interest in “Blasto” created 18650 holder PCB I went did my own similar design. Just wanted to have some thoughts from other before sending PCB’s to manufacture.


Dimensions are 60mm x 65mm

Why not make the balance leads through hole? Should make it even even easier to solder them while not using up additional space

I do not really want have any contacts on bottom side because of posibility of shorting something.

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Using matching ribbon cable, it’s really simple

You don’t need contacts on the bottom - push the cable from bottom to top and solder on top - done. You could position the holes so that the cables sit between cells so they won’t even touch them. Just a thought…

The idea is no wires, just ribbon cable with matching S count

I really like it… one question – this is limited to 8S ?

No, its just to save space, for bigger S than 7S you need to connect wires like this:

You can’t bend a ribbon cable that easily and flexy decks need a bend in the balance leads

Got it… that’s actually how I have my 12S right now… two split 6s.

You didn’t see what this is based on ?

What do you mean?

This is where it originates from

and it’s not only 7s you can also do 2s if you want

Looks cool - how many of us will have the right ribbon cable at home though? Having through holes would make the design more flexible and allow both methods - so win win I guess? I am just trying to improve the design

@Kug3lis will the ribbon be included ?

If I will be able to find where to buy then yes

Mouser has it, I think

Through-hole is much worse for ruggedness. Sharp pokey things can wear through insulation, and inside a lithium battery pack, that’s the worst possible thing