Building 18650 battery holder/connector pcb

You don’t really need ribbon cable. I suggest to buy silicon wire and it will be better

I was contemplating that option as well because silicone will behave better under flex for longer. The PVC material that shields the ribbon cable might start to crack after a while.

Exactly :slight_smile:

If your not using ribbon cable… what will happen if a solder broke ? My educated guess is a big f***king :boom::boom::boom: and :fire:.

??? What do you mean solder broke? The same broke could happen and for ribbon. Plus you can always glue together leads

Can’t really happen with ribbon cable. Flexing will bring alot of stress over the solder, specially with silicone wire since they are too flexible.

Ok, I can make some holes if you need, but it’s not really save because it can touch bottom side like battery case or etc

Doesn’t really matter ribbon cable are in one pieces and distance between each cable won’t change even if one is disconnect. In other word they are one unique piece and won’t gigleling around and risque to short if only one solder broke off

There are 4pin led ribbons too if you wanna use all 8 just double up

I know you were going to produce circuit drawing… but about the solder jumper. Does it go like this (in the below example I am thinking this is the cell #3 jumper?)

basically, yes

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Just found a box of my old IDE cables…ribbon problem solved :rofl:

Also this, 22awg 10 conductor

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Now the question: Pads are 2mm pitch (basically you can solder JST header on it) do you guys prefer smaller for 1.26mm? IMO I think bigger gap is better plus you can expand gap on ribbon cable

I’m fine with the way it is, bigger gap, better

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Yes please bigger is easier… many of us aren’t master solderers (if that’s a noun… you know what I mean)

The last changes of design, will be ordering pcbs soon so it will be available through our online store


Could you scale your awesome design up for Sanyo 20700B cells?

I would take the extra costs and take 50pcs.

I think I could, what kind of width are you looking for? Because 60 does not cover whole batteries in 18650 design?

Looks neat but I fail to understand how it works and what it does. Is it like a cleaner wiring “node” for balancers / BMS ?

Basically no wires touching cleaner setup and etc.