Building 50psc VESC 4.12 (75 USD/piece including 1 year warranty)

Good news on the caps. As for final connections then it’s really a case of utilising what you need for testing and qa. People will use what they prefer.

I’m interested too! Think I’ll take 2x pcs.

I’m also interested in this, they seem to have had a solid product, maybe they have upgraded components

There are people here (admittedly quiet but probably because there’s nothing to complain about) who have put many many miles on that flipsky vesc. It’s good to know that something built better can be reasonably priced considering that the cheap clone parts just work.

even the new vesc6 variant?

Well until they release their changes I can only tell that they use the same mosfets everywhere, caps are the same 3 x 220uF 100V no idea about their ESR rating probably just simple caps, expensive ceramics missing and etc :wink: Issues with resistors and other small stuff :slight_smile:

Don’t even know if mosfets are legit, as they are discontinued and nowhere available since beginning of year, so either they are fake mosfets (just label on them); Bought from spot market (rejects or old stock), or got them from another company old stocks; Ordered from manufacturer with MOQ 6.5k and lead time of almost half year which I doubt :slight_smile:

That makes sense, i will just wait a few months and see if they start dying :slight_smile: thanks

I mean they would work even without capacitors and half of other components just reliability, EMF, control efficiency and other things would be out of scope :slight_smile: Just don’t forget that DRV are pretty sensitive pussies they start cracking from any shit :smiley:

Interested for 2 pieces.

Im no electric circuit designer or engineer or whatever you would call it but i still do not understand why the drv chip has not been replaced by something else that wouldn’t pop if you. But then its majorly popping because of us pushing the limits very high :slight_smile:

They are based on the same pcb as the Tourqeboards one? Is there a reason why are you not going with the focbox pcb layout? I would like to get one but not sure if i could fit it

The focbox is not available cheaply which is what they are starting with (all of the base components in a working condition) and upgrading with new components to improve reliability. It doesn’t sound like he’s starting from scratch.

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DRV8302 is good enough for 10S battery. When you connect 12S battery, then inductive voltage spikes from your motor and wiring can (and most propably will) kill your 60v mosfets and the DRV8302 IC.

I don´t want to desing my own PCB. I want to use something that is tested and works. VESC 4.12 was designed around 2 years ago and it works perfectly

FOCBOX is based on HW rev. 4.12. It´s using the same DRV8302 IC, just different FETs and board layout

PCB design for VESC 6 is not open source. I could buy PCBs from stewii for 10 USD/piece and assemble them. Stewii is selling assembled units for 168 USD (shipping NOT included). I could build them for less, around 100 USD/piece. But he is the person that spent hours with PCB layout and to me it seems kinda rude selling the same thing for less than he is.

I really like VESC 6 design, it uses 3 sense resistors instead od just 2. It also uses directfet mosfets that can be better cooled in an aluminium box, increasing total continuous amps. I would still consider 10S battery for VESC 6 as “recommended limits”

Would you be more interested in VESC 6 build using stewii PCBs?

edit: I really like Stewii´s PCB design. I will send him PM


Yes 10char

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I really like the focbox layout because its much smaller, steewi sold vesc6 for a lower price like 90gbp if i remember well in the beginning but he increased it and its still a great deal

Probably if you buy 100 pcbs the price could drop also the pcb design he uses is a lot more compact than the standard 4.12

Having another source of ESCapes for even cheaper would be great.

Stewiis escapes coming with a heatsink, single or dual. That add like 35£ on top. @JantySVK your calculation for the v6 with 100$ is probably only the pcb with components but you will not provide an housing, right?

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With a motor having lower kv and higher inductance will voltage spikes be higher and more risky?

@JantySVK which parts of the flipsky vesc would you recommend to replace to make it better? Capacitor and shunts only or something else? I get a bunch of flipsky vesc soon and maybe i can train myself on one to do this in the future.

I’m interested for two vesc also.