Building 50psc VESC 4.12 (75 USD/piece including 1 year warranty)

Hello I am new to this forum and this is my first post

I need 8 ESC controllers for my project. I was going to buy Flipsky VESC 4.12 from ebay for 59USD/piece + shipping. When I looked at product info, I realised that it uses FAKE IRFS7530 mosfets, cheap no-name current sense resistors, different PCB layout and rest of the components is propably replaced by lower cost and quality parts too. (look at the included photo of side-by-side original VESC and Flipsky clone)

I am considering building 50-100 pcs using professional reflow oven, keeping 8 pcs for myself and selling the rest

I will have them completed in 1 month from now. I am not asking for any deposits, I am just making a market analysis

Price will be 75USD/piece, 70USD if you buy two pieces (shipping NOT included) Board will include only high quality parts and genuine mosfets from mouser All boards will be flashed with newest firmware and tested. They will come with 1 year free repair service. For example: If your DRV8302 dies, it will only cost you 3.50 USD for the IC + shipping

I will be most propably selling them through ebay (or other escrow service) since I am new to this forum

Are you guys interested?



how about the JST connectors for Hall sensors, UART and CAN cables. This vescs will come with them soldered on the PCB or not?

Board will come with all JST connectors, 3.5mm bullet connectors for motor and XT60 for battery

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If you do go about this make sure to use octopart to find the best prices for all components, all octopart vendors are legit. Also consider upgrading some of the components like Ollin Boards did, most notably C37.


At least one person who understand what Flipsky is… :blush:


Interesting, I’m excited to have another Upgraded VESC like Ollin’s. Are they all going to be Single’s and in that long rectangular format rather than the “Square” format?

Would you be willing to request of a lazy SOB and have larger bullet connectors on instead of 3.5?

I would be interested in a double 6.6 like unity :wink:

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Will this have the upgraded parts ?

If it’s upgraded I’ll take 5

ill do 2 if they have upgraded components beyond the original thanks

Would be interested but im from Eu, so i guess, that partly kills the deal for me…

Do u have any info on flipsky dual vesc? It seems to be better built but who knows whats really under, as there are not that many public reviews, at least yet

Yes, very interested, i will need two in about a month.

Sounds like a good deal. I’ll try out a couple then if good I’ll see if it would warrant an Australian group buy. Keep us posted on developments. Just getting all kinds of options this morning. :grin:

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@Blacksheep @Hummie There is not a lot of parts that can be upgraded without changes in PCB design

IRFS7530 is the lowers RDS(on) 60v mosfet in to263-7 package

I am going to replace C37 and C51 with bigger value capacitors and 1mOhm shunts with PSG4NTEB1L00F because they have better temperature stability and 8W power rating. Changing other parts will not improve overall performance

@Jc06505n standard single “long rectangular” HW rev. 4.12 boards. I can solder any connectors based on your order

@Okami I am also from EU

I can ship them worldwide for as low as 7USD

I will definitely build them. Thank you guys :slight_smile:


He’s a witch, burn him. Black magic


That’s great! Let us know where we can order when they ready! Maybe there is even somebody who could organize a group buy here :thinking:

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He just don’t live in Australia… :wink:

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The 3.5mm bullets aren’t really compatible with any motors regularly used in DIY. 4mm or 5.5 might be more popular?


Think so too. Mine all 5.5

EU as location, sounds good. Then I would be interested, if u manage to make them in a decent period of time…

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