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Building a 12s, 6384 system

So I have a 12s5p battery and I want to use these 6384 motors

and this VESC

The problem is I can’t seem to find what trucks and mounts to use for that type of motor. I want to have great torque and decent top speed but I don’t even know if it worth getting that type of motor!

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The most used trucks are Calibers II or Paris V2/V3.

I have few Calibers motor mounts for sale, PM if you want some. They can accept the the type of motor you linked. This is how they look.

2 of those motors? if you’re not going off road that’s a bit overkill, how fast do you want to go xd

Yea I realy like the caliber 2, I was also looking in double kingpins trucks to give me better carving and turning but cant seem to find a good place to buy them

also, those are big motors so you’ll have to make sure that you get some long calliber trucks or else they will touch

Update, I found some double king pins that im interested in

It says it can fit my motors but with a extremely small gap

you should have a gap of 1.78 cm if you use the extended ones dual 6384 motors is alot, are you making an EMTB?

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Yea kinda I want to make a hybrid for bad roads and offroad

what do you mean, like the motors on the trucks

if you run 2 of those motors on those trucks you’ll have that amount of space between them. With smaller trucks it wouldn’t work

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So on the double kingpins 14 inches or default size?

it works on the 14 inch one but not on the smaller one

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