Building a 12s, 6384 system

So I have a 12s5p battery and I want to use these 6384 motors

and this VESC

The problem is I can’t seem to find what trucks and mounts to use for that type of motor. I want to have great torque and decent top speed but I don’t even know if it worth getting that type of motor!

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The most used trucks are Calibers II or Paris V2/V3.

I have few Calibers motor mounts for sale, PM if you want some. They can accept the the type of motor you linked. This is how they look.

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2 of those motors? if you’re not going off road that’s a bit overkill, how fast do you want to go xd

Yea I realy like the caliber 2, I was also looking in double kingpins trucks to give me better carving and turning but cant seem to find a good place to buy them

also, those are big motors so you’ll have to make sure that you get some long calliber trucks or else they will touch

Update, I found some double king pins that im interested in

It says it can fit my motors but with a extremely small gap

you should have a gap of 1.78 cm if you use the extended ones dual 6384 motors is alot, are you making an EMTB?

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Yea kinda I want to make a hybrid for bad roads and offroad

what do you mean, like the motors on the trucks

if you run 2 of those motors on those trucks you’ll have that amount of space between them. With smaller trucks it wouldn’t work

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So on the double kingpins 14 inches or default size?

it works on the 14 inch one but not on the smaller one

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hey man, this might be a bit late, but I just got some 6384’s. Will be dual setup with the motors behind the rear wheels.

re: Trucks for street setup, so 8-10mm rear axles, you will be able to use:

  1. The DKP trucks on , 13.78" only (sold out as of 15 Oct 2020) because the hangar is 178mm wide and they need to fit 2x84mm, so 168mm wide of motors while you have 10mm free if you tighten the truck plates right at the end of the hangar and assume the motor mounts that fasten to the truck plates run flush with the truck plates and the faces of the motors. Giving you a little 10mm gap between the 2 motors.

  2. The Torqueboards extended 218mm Caliber II clone trucks. Same reason as above. Hangar is 218mm. And that will give you a decent gap between the motors. Edit: seem to say the axles are 8mm. Which seems odd.

  3. The Trampa Ultimate Titanium trucks. Same reasons as above. Hangar is wide and will house these 2 motors with a decent gap.

As for the motor mounts. I’m more for speculation. But for every site you find these trucks, there will generally be corresponding mounts. The woosh mounts seem to fit all of the above. I could be wrong. Please correct me if so.

Otherwise, that is my take, cheers

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If you can see, these are the 6384’s I’m using. I bought the tb218mm trucks. Now, they have a whole range of issues. But you want a pulley that hugs the wheel, and 1 without a bearing, or there will not be enough axle to screw the nut on. On mine, the axle runs flush with the outer wheel bearing. This is a mega pain in the ass, so I need to get the trucks machined, but this should allow me to fit the motors in with some nuts on the end of each wheel. Will update, because its also possible that I may not…

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Also, you can run motors as close as you want without touching. I dunno what that guy above was saying about a 1.78cm gap, but its bullshit, just so long as they are not touching, so, a 1mm gap is fine. But in case of motor mount torsion from the torque, maybe do like 3mm to be safe. Also, ignore the naysayers saying these motors are only for mtbs. Have they not heard of the bioboard plutonium 4x4 that can do 100km/h or the one before it, the thorium lol. It’s not overkill. Sometimes I like to accelerate fast up steep hills, nothing wrong with it. Bosh.

its 2020 it’s ok if motors touch. My current build 16S -TB40-6384s-TB Precission trucks-Stormcore101D


Whoah, nice bro, thats the wheel pulleys i’m after. Belt almost touching the wheel, but just off haha. Sorry what are those mounts, are they dickho’s mounts?

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Yes Dickyho mounts just test fitting their, nothing is screwed down I always use his bracing kit not in picture it’s rods that go between the mounts stops them from moving (stops belt slip and motors slapping together) you need to order at least 2 but 3 is better.

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pulleys are dickyho kegal boltons

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