Building a 18650 pack. Can someone guide me, or direct me to a tutorial?

So, I’ve had my Samsung 18650 batteries for a while now, just waiting for the rest of my board parts to come, but thought why not build it now, so it’s ready when I get everything else. Problem is I don’t know how to build a pack. I’ve searched the forums, but don’t really see any in depth guides (I could be looking in the wrong place, or be completely blind). I was talking to @barajabali about the configuration, and the materials and tools I need. He recommended a 10s4p, which is what I will be doing. I’m gonna pick up a soldering iron, 240V 60W. Will that be alright? I read somewhere I need a higher W or something like that. For my build, I have a Tacon Bigfoot 160 motor (245kv). I’ll need some wires and nickel strips (10mm recommended). Am I missing out on anything? Please do inform me if I am, I really have no idea how to.

Thanks in advance.

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There are quite a few videos on youtube. Have a look at Damien Rene, and look at ebike school on the internet. You should get an 80-100w iron.

I see, will have to find an iron of that W around me.

home depot

60w will do the trick

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A higher wattage iron will heat the cells up less and do the job quicker. Less damage to the cells.

make sure u get the proper solder i literally just finished my pack a few minutes ago and without the right solder it will be a bitch

Would something like this do?

A weller iron would probably work best but that one would be alright. Why aren’t you spot welding your batteries?

yea but u could just go to home depot and pick one up

probably the cost it gets expensive

Don’t have access to one, unfortunately.

That solder should do though yes?

yeah just be very careful and very quick to solder

This is why I recommend at least a 240w and even better a 300w soldering gun. I don’t even like to solder 10-12 gauge wire with less. The higher the wattage the quicker you can make the bond and the less area is heated.

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my experience with those cheap soldering pencils that plug straight into the wall is that they overheat and burn up their tip every time and become useless. A Weller solder gun will cost a bit more but it will be worth it. And they don’t burn up the tip.


Damn, in the US. I live in Australia.

Should be able to find one in oz Those wellers have been around a long time

@Airmacx what configuration are you doing again? Can’t keep track these days. I will make you a diagram.

Hm, well for my build I’m a bit confused. I was going to use Tacons motor which was 245kv,but was recommended not do 10s4p. But since I’ve been introduced to all the problems I could face with a higher kv motor, I’m going with enertions r-spec 3200W. Same thing 10s4p.

The R-Spec 3200w sounds like a good choice for a single motor setup! With 10s it should provide plenty of power.