Building a better community...Give more Likes


What does a like cost you, A click of the mouse. What’s it’s effect massive.

Time for a little heart to heart.

When you first logon do your eyes tentatively, furtively glance to your Avatar hopeing…NLG

Are you disappointed crestfallen when none is the number…WTF

90% of us would be lying if we said no.

A like can be an approval, a quick way to agree, recognition from our peers, some good work, an encouragement, we are on the right track.

Given for creativity, intuitiveness, something heart warming, humorous, a few words, a picture. A particular avatar will attract many likes…moths to a flame.

Ever felt it’s just not fair. You’ve spent months agonising refining building planning then received said number of likes. That’s cool no problem there. But the next thread you go to some offhand comment or stupid picture mildly humorous gets double the likes. Ok it’s not intentional but it can hurt you.

We are animals we tend to like with a pack mentality. I’m not saying give them willy nilly or dilute there value just try and spread them around more, not just our familiar. There’s no point squeezing your butt cheeks after you’ve farted. Let’s make a difference now cumming up to the Christmas season.

Visiting a thread with lots of likes generates a positive energy its a good place to be.

I’m guilty sometimes thinking…that avatar is an absolute tight arse with there likes I’ve given them tons and nothing SFA back. Who do they think they are. We are not all created equal but lets leave the attitude at the door and accept the fact were all brothers and sisters in esk8. That’s the way to build a better community.

What do they cost us nothing. They are there for a reason . Lets change the holding back.

You only have so many likes…

I’ve seen @Dareno I think run out . I know @mmaner is a Like-a-Thon god bless him.

Who has run out of likes on any given day?

For no good reason I’m 2 given to 1 received in my stats since day one.

What are you stats…on likes only please?

Give more Likes.


Yeah… I’ll like posts I like if that’s ok


Always mate…


I let only this here… :wink:


Nice one…no surprises there…lol


i throw likes out there like candy at a parade, if I like a post I click that goofy ass little heart. @mars is right, its free.

I will say this, when I run out of likes it PISSES me off, because then I run into a post I wanna like and can’t, so I feel like the person is saying “WTF dude, that was a good post!” :slight_smile:.

This is the one I like… image


I didnt know i had this badge


I’m sure I saw @dareno a couple of days ago say I can’t like it to someone… I couldn’t help myself. I had to like it for him and them…haha

I didn’t think you could run out of likes…it must be a shitload :grinning: 125 x 50 = 6250 + the times you’ve got to 49 then had to have dinner…:gift: that’s special :heart::heart:

Call for help if your short you’ll never run out…


I give likes when I can but honestly doesn’t effect me. It’s nice to see someone liked your pic but doesn’t mean I enjoy my projects less if someone doesn’t like it. I don’t do it for the likes I do it for me.

With that said my Ratio is kinda off I have 2 likes given for every one I’ve given out my self. I need to work on maxing out my likes per day.


That’s going to be a lot of :heart: Spread the love…lol



(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


Made my day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If it’s an interesting post I’ll give a like.

Unfortunately I occasionally forget to give likes where they’re deserved even if I agree or like said post.


Me too when I first heard it. I can’t remember exactly…

Well spotted it took me a while to fit it in somewhere it wouldn’t be seen…hahaha


No pun intended? Ehehehe


I think most of us would rather forget those situations than be reminded of them.

That was my new revelation that made me “(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)” it


Kudos for the love. Are there other lazy bros and sistas like me who browse the forum on their smartphone without logging in? Cause that’s mostly what stops me from liking a post or not. Being lazy.

Spread the love!


I’m sure I distinctly said not to tell anyone.


Didn’t know that…only be lazy if the PC was sitting next to you…lol