Building a onwheel /snowmobile/electric longboard hybrid!

Hello everyone, this will be my first topic here and as expected its asking for help. I am quite new to building electric longboards, but as I am from Toronto its a great way to get around. Unfortunately the roads in my area are terrible and urethane just wont cut it, no matter how thick. I was considering doing a eMTB build but saw videos of people riding their onewheels in snow!

After doing some research I came across this ‘little guy’

For those who don’t wish to open the link here are some photos:

ae01-alicdn-com-kf-HTB102SHXJfvK1RjSszhxh7cGFXaW-jpeg ae01-alicdn-com-kf-HTB102SHXJfvK1RjSszhxh7cGFXaW-jpeg.jpg1336x800 213 KB

ae01-alicdn-com-kf-HTB14NJNSFXXXXaCXpXXq6xXFXXXD-10inch-10-inch-10x6-5-5-wide-tubeless-tyre-brushless-gearless-dc-wheel-hub-motor-balance-jpg ae01-alicdn-com-kf-HTB14NJNSFXXXXaCXpXXq6xXFXXXD-10inch-10-inch-10x6-5-5-wide-tubeless-tyre-brushless-gearless-dc-wheel-hub-motor-balance-jpg.jpg1336x800 361 KB

ae01-alicdn-com-kf-HTB1T8eFXITxK1Rjy0Fgxh5ovpXas-jpeg ae01-alicdn-com-kf-HTB1T8eFXITxK1Rjy0Fgxh5ovpXas-jpeg.jpg1336x800 225 KB

This super wide hub motor comes in a variety of power outputs (250W, 350W, 500W, 600W) and voltage combos (24V, 36V, 48V, 60V)

My plan is to strap it as the back wheel on a longboard with the front two being trampa 9 inch wheels, or something similar. The best part would be when the snow hits as Id love to attach snowmobile like skis for some real fun!

Here is a rough 3d model I made:

IMG_0003 IMG_0003.jpg2224x1668 292 KB

IMG_0004 IMG_0004.jpg2224x1668 279 KB

IMG_0005 IMG_0005.jpg2224x1668 275 KB

I really want to use the 600W 48V version of the motor.

Which VESC should I purchase, flipsky or focbox?

What do I use to power this? Whats the best BMS, and should I go with Samsung 30Q or other cells in a specific configuration or Lipo packs? I was considering a 12s6p or 4p pack from eboosted.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


FOC box for sure

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Do you think a 12s6p setup would be good?

Looking forward to see this

Depending how far you want to go you will needs lots of battery, the consumption of this big tire should be massive, I would base looking at Onewheel and make it a little higher

You could make a custom deck like @jaybird did on his, looks really good

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Thanks for the link to that post. I am in talks with hoyt st to get one of their decks and will probably use a pair of trucks with cncd aluminum extensions to attach the back wheel (as seen in the renders). I posted this on reddit too and someone suggested I use a 12s4p setup, and since @Eboosted is doing such a great sale I considered picking one up.

Since the onewheel xr is 324 Wh per the site

Eboosted’s 12s4p is 532 Wh, so I think it should give me quite a bit of range.


Should be good for a little less than the advertised Onewheel range, or maybe more since you run the tire at higher pressure

Where did you find the energy of the Onewheel? always wanted to know and never found their site

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Right here:

Thanks for the advice,

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