Building an 8S2P, would like some help

Hello, I am building an 8S2P battery in a 1x1 configuration- layed out all flat. My problem is I’m not sure how to wire them together. In the picture I drew how I’d like them to be oriented.

I am using those vruzend battery kits and I’m not getting a voltage reading when I tried to wire them like in the drawing.

8S2P means you have two cells in parallel. That just means you have two cells side by side, like you have in the drawing, electrically connected, so… you’re parallel connections are always symmetrical where as polarity is concerned. Your series connections always go positive to negative, your drawing isn’t right at all. You really need to do your due diligence in research if you want to build batteries- it’s incredibly dangerous. Lithium ion cells have more energy in them per gram than dynamite.

Don’t you think you should know all of this stuff before you go building it? It’s all available on Google, and very easy to find. I’m not going to help you any further because you could burn down your house, or worse.


Ignore the connections you sketched.

Look at the orange connections.


You don’t have a voltage because you don’t have a complete circuit. It may be most prudent for you to learn the basics of electronics before attempting something like this.

VERY true that I should’ve done more research, I’ve built a 10S2P pack before, but that was a while ago and I guess I forgot how to wire.

However, isn’t kinda pointless to just end it with “Google it” on a forum that’s meant to help?

Like this?

Yes, like this. Do you know how to wire the BMS tho?

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I do! The BMS I ordered has a schematic on the site. Thank you for the help!

I’ve built a working battery pack before, but I guess I’m rusty

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I’m also worried that connecting the positive and negatives on the parts that are in parallel would short circuit the batteries? Would that not be the case?

Like in this pic in the circle

A short circuit would require the positive of one cell to connect to the negative of that same cell (through any means). That diagram is normal.

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Isn’t that what’s happening in the diagram I replied with to Moko? In the red circle

Nope 10char

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Well. should I wire them in a specific order? I’m still don’t see how wiring like what you sent won’t short the batteries as soon as I wire two cells?

Wait, I’m dumb. Never mind, I see how it works now lol

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