Building an enclosure with plastilus


i see you guys doing some cool enclosures with advanced techniques like vacuum forming and 3d printing, i wanted to go beyond and i will show you the process (irony).

a few days ago i discovered this stuff

1- i bought a kilo of plastilus on amazon (copycat plastimake) and i created some figures to try it first

2- i took some books to make a mold

3- i covered it with insulating tape and plastic film to make it waterproof

4- I put 250 grams of plastilus in hot water (60ºC)

5- i spreated the cheese on it with my hands

6- I put it in the freezer

7- and the result is…

yes, i know… it doesn’t look pretty, but i made it with my hands and i feel amazing! :sunglasses:

my experience

  • be careful with the hot water sticked on the plastic when you take it from water.

  • you have to be fast to mold the plastilus if it cools before you finish then the plastic don’t stick on it again.

  • i recommend you the help from someone else to mold faster.


Maybe it would turn out smooth if you applied it thick and got a knife edge and scraped across the top before it sets, so it’s not so lumpy, or does it not work like that?

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maybe you are right, i could flip it up on the table to make it flat but i didn’t think it at that moment.

the enclosure is a little bit big to put two chunks of 8000mah lipos and i was worried to do it fast than polished.


You can buy a tube of sun cure ( liquid fiberglass for surfboard repairs ) put one coat on as smooth as you can over the plastic, let it cure in the sun then sand it smooth. After you get it to your liking give it a paint job and it will look nice.

Is it strong though?

@Fialamybalz nice! i didn’t know that.

@anon46525265 it’s pretty strong it you put a lot of product.

You could flatten it with a bread roller, cut it into a squared off base, and use a small hot air gun to weld walls onto the base, then fill in all the corners by hand with small amounts, the heat transfer should help smooth out the edges.

I’m glad this stuff exists, I might need to get some. Nice find.

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Not bad, I personally would use fiberglass if you have to make a mold already.

This stuff could BE the mold for fiber glassing. And also custom riser pads, and nose protectors, and REMOTE CASES. My only concern is that I live in the desert and my esc does get really hot. I’m sure risers would be fine though.

you could try using this stuff in a negative mold to give it a more smooth appearance on the outside. I have thought of using this stuff for a bunch of things but never used it yet.

Not bad, better than a tupperware and velcro :slight_smile:


Sorry dude, that is hideous :grin:


Hey, as long as you’re happy about the result…

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That thing is awesome hah, I love the fact you rock it as is! Great idea on material too!

I got some thermo-morph from amazon and over the weekend I spent about 8 hours working this stuff into a remote case. It’s not as easy to work with as I thought, but It is really solid once it’s cooled. [quote=“thisrealhuman, post:7, topic:9740”] You could flatten it with a bread roller, [/quote]

I was WRONG. You can however bake a sheet as thick as you want in a breadpan by melting one layer at a time, the beads stick and fill in gaps perfectly. I cooled mine in the fridge and it had a texture on top, might be smooth if cooled slow.

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This is the version 2.0 is smaller and fits in a skateboard and a longboard as well :slight_smile:

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This is actually not a bad idea for making an enclosure in a bind. Nice job

Inside my enclosure looks like this:

Setup 1 - 4x 11.1v 5500mAh

Setup 2 - 2x 22.2v 8000mAh

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