Building an extra battery pack for a Raptor 2

So, after more than a year waiting, at last I got my Raptor 2.

I removed the battery before shipping it to Lima Peru, so I could have one battery ready for my trips in USA and wouldn’t have the need to make an expensive international battery shipment every time I travel with my batteryless board.

I’m going to build a new battery pack:

However in order to wire the BMS into the battery correctly I need the Enertion BMS pin out order.

Is there a way to detect whats pin goes to what positive side pack? An incorrectly wired BMS could burn the BMS.

There are eleven pins on the BMS, can someone send me a picture of their Space Cell battery just to see which one is pin #1?


@blasto could probably help you with the pinout of the bms


The bms is not part of the battery pack in this setup correct? Thats an interesting design decision. I think it’s nice and efficient as you only need one bms for as many battery packs as you desire.

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Yeah, but that LCD looks likes someone spilled loctite all over the place

Oohhhh!!! congratulations for your new toy!!! i love the R2! @Blasto what do you think about to run this hubs with 12S?

Someone will do it soon enough, it should be pretty insane at 12s I’m still waiting for mine to show up to try it out.

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use a multimeter on the bms plug on the battery pack…

ahh hang on, do you have access to the battery pack?

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I’m building a new battery pack tonight, as soon as I finish it and plug it on the board, I’ll measure the voltages from the BMS pins

I’ll probe my battery when i get home in a few hours.

Yes 12S should be pretty insane

Isn’t it a 10s bms, if so how will he wire it for 12s?

He need to change the bms, but with a 12s3p configuration, he should be able to fit a second bms for the 12s

Ahhh ok

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Yeah it’s a 10S bms. Can’t use it and would need to put a zeors resistor on the switch to not use a bms at all (r6 i believe, says by-pass on the silkscreen)

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So why does he need the pin out then?

Because he want to make a replacement battery for the Raptor, not a completely different battery

I understand that but if wants to make a new battery that is 12s he won’t be able to use the existing bms? So why does he need the pin out, I think I’m kinda lost here

He never mentioned wanting to do a 12s Battery this only as been a suggestion from other people :wink:

Oh I understand now. I read a post up a bit and thought he was meaning this board was going to run 12s. Thanks mate


Is it not labelled B+ & B- at each end of the 11 pins?

Jst xh 11 pin

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