Building Anti Spark Switch

I am interested in building myself some anti-spark switches, but it is rather expensive to build 10. So i was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying some anti spark switches once I have built them. I would charge around $60 free shipping to CONUS. Keep in mind these would be hand soldered and I’m not trying to charge a ton, there kind of expensive to build. You would have to solder your own power wires to it, but i would include the power on push button.

I am not guaranteed to build these, I was thinking about it an thought that others may also want one. If its not this you’re getting shafted, costs $20/per to make and good to 6,000uf on output @ 75a constant? 150a peak.

Interesting, I had a total cost per unit of $40 plus work for these here.

I was calculating for the V5.

Interesting. I am not an electrical engineer. And I don’t know a ton about the anti spark switches. I did take a look at Gamer43, I might hop on that forum and see what I can do about getting me some anti spark switches. I would like them for a onewheel project that I’m working on, because I’d rather not burn out my VESC. And I though that others may be interested in also getting themselves an anti-spark switch. Thanks for the info, I will look into this stuff futher.

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No rush, I’m tempted to make a couple of those v5 antisparks you posted just to try them.