Building custom made li-ion packs [experienced]

Hey friends

I am an experienced battery maker, make custom spotwelded packs. I use only the highest quality HE2 cells for great performance. They are so good no BMS is required :innocent:. Also use cell holders for extra safety :slight_smile:

No charge for you guys :smiley:

I can build any size pack from 6s2p to 12s7p

Please see photos of my previous work for a customer:

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Wow. Much quality. Very performance.


Thanks for your kind words!

Maybe not the best for ur first posts…

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Is this a joke?


Guys it’s quality, can’t you tell? :joy:

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How much do you charge for teaching battery manufacturing methodology and processes?

Is this intended as an autodestruct for boards?

Next time post pics before putting it through the blender

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Damn thats the safest looking battery ive ever seen!

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I learn from endless sphere, you can too, or i can make it for you.

I do not understand? Blender would break the battery, could be explosion.

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Tahnks it includes cell level fusing

Did you hire a professional to make that battery pack? Looks very well done. Clean and 10/10 design!


The cell-level fusing are ingenious; I never thought of doing it different. Now I see photo it makes all sense

This is a joke right?

@jamiex I’m sorry, but all the posts in your topic are sarcasm. We’re used to see very well built packs on this forum, using spot welds and BMS (you can’t say you don’t need a BMS with multiple cells batteries). People are concerned by the quality and safety of your battery.

Check that post to see how it’s done

or that or this

EDIT: ok, that’s actually funny Another post from @jamiex

This why you use a BMS. And I’m scared that you left your pack plugged in for a month…

@jamiex Building batteries for other people is very serious business. You would do well to forget about it.