Building my first board needing some help

So i using (trying anyway) a wii wireles nunchuck but I think my vesc is missing the connecter for it

This is what the diagram looks like

Yet mine looks like this

Yep - you are simply missing the male plug on the board (white plug part on the left side of your pic. Simply solder directly to the connections and it’s even better than the connector. No muss no fuss.

Find a newer example - i’m not sure which pins changed from the older 6 pin connector pictured to the 7 pin on 4.12 and similar.

Or even better yet - get a GT2b and skip the nyko… (my suggestion). But do some digging and search - I know this is covered repeatedly and you should be able to find the wiring pic that is more current.


I have a enerton remote on way supposed to be pretty reliable. This only because I have everything and I couldn’t wait for the remote

Thank you so much I did it and it works I can’t believe I did it !!!


I’ve ran into one other problem how do I stop the throttle from going crazy if the controller dissconected cause that sicker took off