Building vs. Riding. Which do you enjoy the most?

Which do you enjoy the most? For me it depends on the day.

  • a) Building
  • b) Riding
  • c) Both the same

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That’s a tough call. But in the end, riding is the reason. And it’s amazing.

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That is an excellent question. I have built a couple RC off road vehicles in the past and found that I liked building them more than running them but the great thing about e skate is you can actually ride what you build. That is a game changer for me!

I’ve been working on my 10s5p for a couple months. Finally got to plugging in the BMS, roommate checks the leads & accidentally touches one of the multimeters on the bms heatsink and kills my bms.

I got a second one from the forum, finished setup, but had overlooked the wiring and had miswired my pack after disconnecting it from bms #1. Connected ground wire to bms #2, it got a little toasted.

Waiting for a third possible replacement at the moment…riding is where it’s at; I’m itching :tired_face:

If you ask me while I’m building, it would be building. If you ask me while I’m riding, it would riding. Super tough decision.

I wish I could build more… I can ride whenever. Lol.

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I’ve been building Longboards for 10+ years, But I still have to get feedback from riders ALL the time because I haven’t done enough riding myself to know sometimes some pretty basic things.

The thing I don’t like doing is spending money, which is what has kept me away from Eskate so long.

its a hard choice. rode some awesome boards my buddies has, like the Kaly,Ollinboard and a LHB but so far i have really enjoyed the puzzle of building my own. im still waiting on a few little parts like wires and connectors. hopefully i can try my own out with in the next few weeks

Just like my cars I enjoy riding and driving but I also enjoy having the best equipment and the only way to have what I want is to build it my self.