Builiding a Starting Board - Suggestions (Flipsky, lipo, dual 6374)

Hey Everyone, Ive recently decided to get into esk8 building, and im looking to build my first board. I am selling my bike, + some other stuff so I have a decent budget. Already have the deck, just looking for the guts.

I have my on these parts so far: Dual FSESC6.6 (with remote and switch) (esc) Motor mounts, wheels, and trucks (Dual Mechanical Kit) 2x Sensored 6374 (SK8 Motors or TB Motors) 12s1p 8000mah lipo pack (hobby lipos, custom) (Batteries x4) Overall Price: ~$1k (trying to get it cheaper without sacrificing performance, reliability, etc…)

This is what i have so far. My only doubts are still on the Flipsky esc. I know they are new, so there is not much known about reliability with them, but from what i have read, they are pretty decent overall.

I might dish out some extra for some less sketch batteries. Any suggestions? Anything jump out at you as a bad choice? Am I missing a part? Am I overpaying for anything? Anyone have a range estimate?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

EDIT: Build has been updated to take into account recommendations.

Dont buy those motors or motor mounts :sweat_smile:

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Forget those motor mounts, that will be your first problem they don’t fit the trucks. You need proper caliber style mounts

Motors are OK maybe not the best but ok

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Forget those wheels too

Forget that Flipsky motor mount, it won’t fit on Caliber 2/TB 218. I suggest this. I’m looking to get this myself too.


Ok. Those wheels are super common on esk8 builds, and everyone loves them. They are super $$$ for what they are though. What motors would you suggest? As far as i can tell, there is no significant difference between the different 6374s. Please give me some suggestions as to what i should get instead. I already have a motor mount suggestion.

SK3 6374 if you dont mind running sensorless. BKB 6374 if you want sensored. You missed out on a lot of black friday deals tbh

oh shit, well thanks anyway. Im curious, what is the difference? what does the extra 120$ altogether get me? (i want sensored)

Running sensored helps you start from a dead stop smoother. Makes a bigger difference in BLDC than FOC since FOC has a “smoother” clog

6374 SK3 is a rock solid motor and I am pretty sure hobbyking still have good sales on for that motor and other batteries (good lipos)

I know what sensored does, but why are the BKB $60 extra compared to the ones I originally had?

What about these https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-sk8-6374-192kv-sensored-brushless-motor-14p.html?wrh_pdp=2 ? or these products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv ?

I’m not really sure. But from the pictures on BKB website it looks quite similar to SK3 6374. I guess BKB order from the same manufacturer, with some added tweaks. Take a look at this picture, look at the venting holes near the motor shaft, they look similar to BKB’s 6374

Again, what makes these motors better? And why no on those wheels?

I appreciate all feedback, but unless you have actually had experience with all these, I at least want to know your reasoning. :slight_smile: thanks

Not really our job to convince you about what to get or not to get. You asked opinions, people gave answers. Once the answers were given, it gave you a great opportunity to do a search and find the answers for yourself.

Also, not sure how (4) 3s1p Lipos will get your 12s4p and not 12s1p.

Motors… yeah TB 6374 are fine motors. PLENTY of folks use them, and BKB are definitely great quality. that is the difference, between Flip and TB, BKB motors. Quality and proven reliability. Statistics on this forum shows the reliability of these motors on MANY builds.

Hell I have TB6374s, Maytech 6355s, rode on BKB6374s…and never had an issue. My motors as I have more experience with them has been doing the job for many miles.

Again…search, the shit. It isn’t hard on this forum to get your answers. I promise you will find all the answers you seek. This topic below has good and bad experiences, as you will with all motors. Figure it out for yourself and decide what you think is best.

I’ve got the sk8 motors and my dads getting the sk3. ik for one my dual Sk8 6374 192kv build has a shit load of kick, only running at 60% power. @dareno can tell you about the goods and bads of the sk8 and sk3.

ik those lipos are pretty decent bc i have then and with a good bms and all they last a while. you’ll get realistically about 25km outta them in that config i rekon

I’d stay away from those motors and go with maytechs.

(Lots of people are satisfied with the sk3’s, so if you’re ok with unsensored, that might be an option.)

There is nothing wrong with these wheels. Some people forget to mention thats its their personal opinion lol. I have a set on a single 6374 @12s caliber ii and they are fine. I love them. They’re stable on my build @ over 40mph. The sidewalk gaps in denver are pretty aggressive but these wheels deal with them very well. She looks better when she isnt so exposed lol


Always try to go with something tried and tested. HK sk3 are a good solid motor with some great power and the best scream in esk8. They are un sensored though so you may get a slight bit of cogging unless you are moving. Sk8 are solid too with sensors for all you lazy people. HK give very good back up so again a safe option. Torque boards are good solid motors. Good back up. Can’t comment on bkb don’t own any. Good luck


Man thanks everybody for the help. My build has changed slightly, and Im still torn between sk8 and tb. I am going to get this tb kit products/dual-motor-mechanical-kit with both updgrades. Is the flipsky fsesc6.6 still a decent choice fro reliability and power?