Built a vacuum former and made some enclosures for my trampa

Well as it was a wet Sunday I got around to finishing my vacuum former.

I then made 4 enclosures from some 2mm HIP A4 sheets. I’m well chuffed with the results. Most probably would be better if they were 3mm but I’m not sure how they would form.

I then filled the holes on my Trampa holy pro deck with 3mm plywood and bonded them in.

I fitted some new grip tape and the freebord bindings and then fitted the enclosures.

I’m loving the new look, just need it to stop raining so I can give it a try.


Im guessing you have liions inside? Did you make the packs? Im soon making a trampa emtb and need an enclosure solution

Yeah it’s Liions pack. I changed the shape as it was in a block configuration which sat in a battery box on top. I just cut them up in to each block of 4p and then used silicone wire to join them all back up in series. I was stumped when it came to enclosures for the trampa. The one that tramp sell would be ideal but appears to need a fair bit of work to use, and I couldn’t find any others on the market.

Is it 10s 4p?

Do you think there would be space for an even bigger battery?

Looks amazing, much better than the batteries on the upper center

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Cheers, Yeah i’m sure if your doing proper mountain board riding its better to have the batteries on top and out of the way. I only use it for urban and light off road so it will be perfect now.

Yeah its 10s4p, It was quite a tight fit as the BMS takes up the same room as 8 batteries. I expect it could be done with a bit of jiggling about.


That vacuum former you made there! How much did you pay for everything for it? Was thinking about making one sooner or later!

I bought a small sheet of 9mm plywood £9 and used about half of it. 3x 1 meter lengths of alloy angle £ 3 each, I had the small angle brackets but they are not much, it took about an hour to build.

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Wow nice build! the setup is good looking too, how did you warm up the plastic?

I used the top oven/grill, worked really well but the wife wasn’t too chuffed. It did smell a bit!


Nice build keep the good work. Nice and clean

Is it all one piece or made up of 4 individual boxes?