"Bull Bars" for E-Toxx Spur Gear Drive aka DIRECT DRIVE on Trampa Channeltrucks

So dude…I’ve been keeping my eye on the mail but I haven’t seen my KI invite come through yet! :wink:

That road looks sick to blaze along! :metal:t2:


West end of the rock, where the national park is. Virgin scrub, lots of hiking trails that make for nice technical rides… Most finish out on a beach.

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full of all kinds of critters…

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Sick pictures @Cobber and @michaelcpg, would love to ride there :sunglasses:

In my case I didn’t tighten it at all, just until the nut touched the baseplate. I think the problem is that the brass bushings are too sturdy that’s why they crack faster. When I look at used plastic bushngs I can recognize there is less material compared to a new one due to friction and movement. Also plastic can flex a little bit before it breaks, brass can’t. My rear bushings broke on my second ride and the front ones after 5-10 rides. Without jumping they would last longer but I think plastic lasts longer.

But if you want to try it, I have 4-6 pieces (2mm base) left and could send them to you :grin:

Where are curbs in the mountains? :joy:

But joking aside, I never pass curbs at an angle at all, had to learn that with my first build the hard way (motor broke). With MTB it’s easy, just lift the front up the curb and put more weight on your front foot and lift the back foot, easy.

Haha turns out these things work great as daily commuters too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile: The main issue is that I generally don’t ride with bindings when I’m riding in the city as I’m often riding in heavier traffic and wan’t to make sure I can easily quickly bail if need be. Been thinking about getting some freebord bindings or something similar for city riding just so that my feet aren’t locked in quite so much…


I personaly think that 1mm remaining brass material is not enough… IMO with a pairing of 8/12mm it could work But makes no sense to rework Baseplate … not for sale Checked IGUS, they got some HD bushings, maybe worth to test

Nice… something similar for eATB as an Plug and Play solution is on the ToDo List for longer )-:

you talk about the printed parts for protecting underside of Motormount? Yeah you get some… remind me BTW lets call them “Drive Guard” :beers: no fkn emogy for whiskey… :grin:

yeah just remind me… will not take that long until new beta parts

AWESOME landscape Dude

This hilly street on the second picture WOW The last picture isnt real, haha looks like my last acidtrip :joy::joy: great

Dan is this for me ? Dont understand if so (-; Dont forget about your Encoder stuff… still on work (-;

yap got another customer with alot of miles on them, but just normal riding no crazyness…

For me the test of Freebord bindings was an fail, dont get on with it on the eATB… feel just not stable… on the Leiftec i like them alot … dont know… personally preferences i guess… others likes them alot like my french bro @okp

BTW 4 Beta Bull Bars sold, 2 left

Hang Loose Jenso

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Cheers mate :slight_smile:

Ok good to know. So you think the Leftech bindings are better? Any idea if Leiftech sell them separately? Yea @okp has some pretty awesome stuff on his Instagram with them

No… freebord bindings are better for sure! Everything which was copied from Leiftec is not as good as the original FREEBORD stuff :joy::roll_eyes: Add some foam like in my Urban Assault thread will make them even better IMO


BUT for me as someone who felt comfortable with bindings+heelstraps the lack of “locked in” feeling with hook / open bindings feels just unsecure and not good. On the Lifetec it feels just right… on a eATB for me not

As i stated below this is personal preference and for other riders it feels maybe in the opposite direction !!!

Yeah @okp got awesome products driven by his passion… just the way to go for great products… follow your passion… and time no matters anymore… i would push and support his stuff ANYTIME… CAUSE THE SHIT IS DOPE

Ride safe Hang loose Jenso

Because i got several mail about this ,… here some more additional Information about the bull bars

One size fit both etoxx direct drives, mini and regular Works only with outer spring position Works with 63mm motors.up tp 6384. no 80mm Motor sickness 10mm thick, direct fit on Trampa Channel / Spring trucks… no holes need to be drilled


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Hi man do you have some left for sale Thank you

I hope there is one left for you @Devilmycry :pray: I received mine and it’s great, so many options to use it :laughing:

I guess I need a second Bull Bar in the future.

It’s also very easy to mount and I feel safer now in case I ever crash backwards in concrete again :wink:


Yes I hope

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This is amazing!!

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Just received mine today ! A nice piece of aluminium





Do you have any more

i need 2 units in blueeee :slight_smile:

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Hi There

@rich @Hansow thanks for the great pictures

@Devilmycry @hornet90 @garseng First batch was sold instantly Next batch ready from CNC, wanna send them for anadocising end of week known colours : orange , blue , black




Orange Sample in the last picture.

Taking preorders with colour wishes, coloured price 75€ for NON EU, shipping like last time

BTW i get some questions about using this with the inner spring position ! I think it will work this way : Mount your springs in inner position like usal, and mount the bumper in outer position with just some lock nuts, easy i guess, so it fits for all kinds of application Mini Direct Drive, Direct Drive, Inner Outer Spring Position only 80mm Motors was not testet at this point

Cheers Jenso


those are adorable :smiley: I love them

I too am working on a “bull bar” but more in the traditional sense where it wraps around the front of the board and houses a couple fog lights/lightbar


I was wondering if you could/would mind telling me some of the dimensions? Like the distance between the holes and the overall length… ide like to try and make my own bull bars for my board while im at work but im a sailor and cant and wont be able to get the measurments myself for a couple months. Side note, i bought ur mini direct drive and really love em.

Overall Dimension is around 170x130mm Distance for Mounting holes is around 83mm.

You are a sailor, do it for living? Niiiicee!!!

Thanks Brother, glad you like it!

Awesome man, thx. Technical term here is Merchant Mariner, but yep im a civilian sailor. Been doing it 4 years now. Wont see home for 2 months:( so thanks for the dimensions.

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Woah! These look awesome! Wonder if these will have clearance for belt drives. Or i could put it on the front truck.