Bulldog | Kaly Gear Drive & Trucks | Dual 6355 192 Kv | Spud deck 29" | Unik 35 Degree Riser Adaptor | 6.5" Trampa Urban Tires | 12S4P | Dual ESCape

For the longest time, I’ve wanted a small waterproofed board that’s portable, something that is both practical and functional. But the problem I’ve always encountered was the unreliability of belt drive when its wet, so I waited, started collecting parts in hopes that one day, I’ll be able to build this portable board.

When @Kaly decided to release their Gear Drive and @Eboosted release their enclosure for the spud, i knew my time has come. I started making moves:

First I wanted my board to stand out, so I decided to spray it in silver paint.


Special shoutout to @Mikeomania12 who helped me drill those holes for the enclosure.

Then I proceeded to mount the Kaly Drive, trucks and Trampa’s 6.5 inch tires onto the deck using @okp 35 degree adaptive risers. Getting the correct bolt length was a b*tch, I had to visit HD several times to get everything fitted. I also got my hands on an extra set of Kaly trucks and @Nowind Bull Bars from @Darklinks.

Bulldog%206 Bulldog7 IMG_4749

Next is probably the most crucial part: waterproofing the electronics and enclosures. For the enclosure, I wanted to make sure no droplets was going to get inside “accidently.” But water tends to find a way and I was sure the rubber gasket provided by @Eboosted would not be sufficient so i opted to get my own adhesive strips and silicone.

God bless silicone because I silicone the sh*t out of that enclosure. I put, in order (on the sides): silicone, strips, silicone, strips again and finally, silicone. Did I mention I used silicone as adhesive for the strips because I don’t trust the adhesive tape that comes with it? To make sure all these layers of protection is sufficient in waterproofing I even ran water on the sides to see if there’s any gap that i need to silicone to close the holes. This process alone took 3 days.

The electronics were much simpler to waterproofed. I had my 12S4P pack build by @Devilmycry and waterproofed by @ARetardedPillow of Bolt NYC. Both of whom my close friends.

Bulldog4 Bulldog5

Our plan in waterproofing the pack was to wrap it in shrink wrap and hotglued the gaps. I will leave nothing to chance so I decided to seal even the BMS. Did i mention I am super paranoid about waterproofing everything? Because I also waterproofed my receivers and Metr bluetooth modules too.

IMG_5038 IMG_5039

And when the waterproofing was completed, I put everything together and sealed that baby up. The results are beautiful, it really is one of my proudest work:

Bulldog1 Bulldog3 Bulldog2 IMG_5031 IMG_5026

Here are the parts list:

Jet Spud 29" - @JLabs Kaly Direct Gear Drive and Kaly Trucks - @Kaly Spud DS Enclosure - @Eboosted 35 Degree Adaptive Risers - @okp Bull Bars - @Nowind Trampa wheels and mounting plates - @trampa 6355 192 KV motors - Maytech

12S4P Pack - @Devilmycry Metr Bluetooth - Dual ESCape Waterproofed - @ARetardedPillow


but is it waterproof though :thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Have I ever told you about my paranoia? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Go away Neil! Don’t make me unleash @Maxaweli on you!

What a cute board.




may the skate gods have pity on y’all poor souls :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Great build. How much does it weight?


I really wanted to see a photo of this Anti-water barrier?

Where is your charge port and loopkey / on off switch?

Cool build, didnt expect to see AT wheels on a spud and I alway s like water proof builds.

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Have looked into potting resin for waterproofing? But then anything goes wrong the whole thing is a huge paperweight or modern art piece.

Love it… I love anything spud related… Looks good too

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I think around 20s lb. I know it’s a lot more lighter than a Raptor 2

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Great question! I can’t find the picture of the barrier anymore unfortunately. But if you look closely you can see that the loop key and charge port hanging out by the rear end of the enclosure, this was all done on purpose. From my experience riding in the rain, water tends to enter into the enclosure through the switch, so I’d rather stick to simplified solution such as loop key, you just can’t go wrong

When I receive the enclosure, it didn’t fit the spud correctly because of diff bolt patterns apparently. No idea :man_shrugging: so I decided to cut the tale end of the enclosure in order to make it fit.


And with this set up I was able to ride without worrying about my internal hardware.


Haha this board is ugly as sin but awesome at the same time.

+1 for thinking outside the box. Love it

Outside the box…not so much. He is friends with darklink. Those NYC boys have awesome boards. Check out darklinks Spud AT build. Epic build.

Great build Nate, I forsee someone doing the same with Tayto board in the near future.

Hahahaha shiiiiit!!!

Live this build bro. Love this post. U r a beast now.

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that’s a dope little beast !

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Those are trampa urban treads right?