Bullet connectors alternatives: MT60 vs EC5 3 pin?

I want to replace my bullet connectors for Carvon v2.5 single drive with MT60 https://www.amazon.com/10Pairs-3-pole-Connectors-Connector-housing/dp/B06XW2KZNC/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1496043792&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=mt60+connector&psc=1

It has 3.5mm bullets and can handle 60amp and 12awg wire. Is it enough ???

Or do I need EC5 - 3 pin connector ?? It can handle 90amps and has 5mm bullets.

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bigger is better

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EC5 is not going to be overkill ?? I really like the small aspect of MT60

12awg is rated to handle aprox 40A so i don’t really understand why people use these massive 5.5mm connectors.

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Shit…12awg is only 40amps? I have both 12awg on battery and vesc . Should i change it 10awg for powering my Carvon single?

Larger bullets tend to make a more sure connection. 3.5mm sounds really small. I had trouble with the 4mm connectors on my Cavon V2’s. they kept pulling apart. The 5mm connectors are better in several ways. For one they separate the wires better and cover the solder joints better.

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this chart is for Silicone wire



But have you looked at mt60 connector ? This connector is so awesome. There is now way you can pull it appart, and it protects and covers each solder joint perfectly. That’s why I wanted to go with it. So considerning the fact that it can handle 60amps should I be good with it for Carvon ?

I haven’t any problems with 4mm connectors. Just make sure that you buy right ones. Not those bad banana connectors.

Most diagrams i saw argue with that 70A. After temperature rise up to 125c 12awg should handle that, but they never get that hot.

And one more point. Most of us use 40A fuse.

I not sure what is the difference in currents between battery and esc or esc and motor.

I’ll try and go with that mt60 connector - since it can handle 12awg and 60amps it should be enough for for one single hub motor.

those 3 pin EC5 connectors are HUGE. my mate bought a bag of them and we never ended up using them becauase they were too big.

like you could put trucks on those connectors and skate them.

I always use 4mm and they are fine. 3.5 could be ok?? i have never tried them.

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Thanks @lowGuido …good to know !

Your right, the problem is the banana style bullets which is what my Carvons came with. They back out too easily.