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Burned out Motor

guess I did something wrong

what can I do to fix it? only about 6 miles on this. it’s a g160. Had to let it cool off for 1 hour…


Was the belt on too tight?

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no it felt pretty loose. motor still works surprisingly, but I don’t trust it a bit.

Sadly, it needs to be rewound. There are a lot of guides online, plus side is you can alter the kv/improve efficiency if done well.

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Wow … Need more info bro…there is some reason it heating up… I’d re-check phase wires…make sure the tips of the bullet connectors aren’t touching … Hand spin the motor… Is it smooth? Or is something grinding or giving it resistance…

Need more info about your setup with pics

I can’t even take off the housing because the Allen key holes are stripped. I received the motor like that :confused:

The motor is smooth, only resistance I get it the belt tensions. It could be the wires because I took off the originals and replaced them for less stiff wires. Though everything it wrapped in heatshrink/electric tape.

Not at home so can’t take pics, but all of my electronics are here

Were you going up a hill? I find that without a VESC, my board doesn’t limit the amount of amps going into the motor, which is a problem up hills because there’s more load and obviously too much power can blow your motor. If you have a VESC, try limiting the amount of max power to the motor.

I went on a 4 mile ride, some hills: <img src="/uploads/db1493/original/2X/7/741f0e2070fdf52fe04229718334367508f8318b.png" width=“281” height=“500”

The motor would stutter going up hills so I walked them.

Oh and I don’t have a vesc though I am considering buying one now. Suggestions on where to buy from?

The stuttering is some type of short…if the phase wires intermittently touch you can get the jerking motor…also signs of a burned out motor

This whole statement is confusing…How the heck did the motor come with stripped bolts???

There is another thread going on now that addresses the reason motors and Esc’s burn up.
I plan on doing some testing myself on the 3 phase side of the Esc and will post my findings later today.

I don’t know how, they just did.

drill the heads off the screws and pull the can off then remove the screws with plyers

I’ll probably do that. Or maybe make a slot with a dremel for a flathead screwdriver.

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Smart! Aren’t most of these motors just held together with a circlip like this one from enertion?

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I have that motor. If u can get it off the mount its rotor is held connected with just a c clip like all of them. The pic above. On the shaft closest to the center