Burnout and Strawberries

First build & first day messing around I had some issues due to bad signal and voltage limits. After we got bldc sorted out i’m pretty stoked on the power. Thanks again to everyone on this forum for all the info on here!.


nice! That’s one of the downsides in dual diagonal, potential loss of traction at standstill or low speeds. Try to lean on the side of the front drive wheel, momentum should keep your back drive wheel in traction.

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Nice build. consider a helmet and maybe some slide gloves


@Jinra Never thought about that downside if riding dual diagonal. Do you think there are any more downsides to going dual diagonal?

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Traction is the biggest one. Another minor one is that you need to have extended phase wires and sensor cables, but no biggie. I will say that my front motor has virtually no scratches compared to my rear motor. Front mounting is definitely better for motor cosmetics :smile:


That’s a guarntee now haha. I been spotting some nice slim slide gloves. Reminds me of mx gloves so it’s super comfy. Back in the day I used loaded but now i realized it was like hockey gloves :joy:

Hahah that’s very truee! I’m about to order some wider trucks so I can go dual rear… I’m dying to do manuals but the power always switches to front when I get it off the ground lol

Where are you getting wider calibers? Unless you plan to get new mounts as well?

That’s where I stopped to reconsider haha. I have too much things I want now.

  1. 2 sets of the enertian $199 vesc motor combos
  2. Wider trucks which need new mounts
  3. Hubbed motors

For now I needa just stick with what I have haha.

If you can find a boosted to salvage, they use wider calibers, though not sure if 65mm motors will fit.

Dude… Never test a board in short sleeves. You have no idea of the behavior of a new board, and your taking a big risk, especially if it’s your first eboard.