Burnt VESC Help

I am using a Flipsky 4.12. I was having issues with the COMM port so as part of the troubleshooting process, I measured the voltage from ground to 3.3v. As soon as I completed the loop, there was a really bright light, and now part of the PCB looks really burnt (I am 95% sure that I did not accidentally short the multimeter probes). After doing some research, I am sure that I broke the C51 capacitor, but not sure what else. Does anyone think that this is fixable? I would hate to have to spend another $100 on a new speed controller, especially because I’m a teen without a massive budget. Here is an image of what I have IMG_20190515_211323886 Anyone’s help would be appreciated.

You might have shorted something to ground with your probes. Typical ground short will look like this. In general, when pcbs have charred crispy stuff everywhere and not just one or two components, it’s time to throw it away and buy a new one.

A lot of times, copper traces are burnt off/damaged when it’s shorted. You can’t fixed a burnt trace.

Well, that sucks. Thanks anyways

It’s bad but the bright side is fsesc 4.12 is only selling for less than $60.

Really? Could you give me a link please?

US $54.30 | HGLRC FLIPSKY FSESC 50A V4.12 ESC Electronic Speed Control for Electric Skateboard RC Car Boat E-bike E-scooter Robot

Thanks for that

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Buy cheap, buy twice…thrice and sometimes more. Simple.

Sometime low cost does not always mean cheap or not good. Just know the product’s limit and work with what you have.

That’s what I’ve been thinking. I’ll probably just end up paying $160 for a vesc 6 or something.