BUSTIN IBACH/ Rayne demonseed v3 space jam deck for sale $110 shipped(us)


Rayne Demonseed V3 Space Jam - Deck Only Length: 42" / 106.7cm, Width: 10" / 25.4cm, Wheelbase: 83.8 cm / 33”. Rayne Demonseed V3 Shipwreck - Deck Only

The Rayne Demonseed is the most comfortable speedboard on the market capable of reaching speeds you can only dream about. This board has a long wheelbase, TONS of foot space and a DEEP TUB Concave that is comfortable on long hill bombs while still gripping like a vice in the corners. For Maximum Versatility and Stability, the Demonseed has a 0.75? Dropped platform and drop-through mounting so that you can further adjust the riding height and truck angles of your board by adding riser pads between the trucks and the board.

New on the V3! New on the V3 models, the entire Gateway series is rockered, drop-through & have drop-platform decks. Double Drop decks are ideal for pushing your boundaries. The flex, construction and shape are designed to be stable at speed, have easy slide initiation and are low to the ground for long-distance pushing and commuting. The new rocker platforms help give riders more grip and will improve rotational slides.


Sharp Edges – Final touch for locked in feet Vert-Lam Bamboo Core – Stronger than steel, light like a feather. Pre-tensioned fibreglass – Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return. Twin Shape – Freedom to choose any path or direction. Sublimated Artwork – Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck. Linear Drop Platform – 0.75? drop keeps your feet locked into place. Ideal for freeriding. Deep Tub Concave – Designed to cup the toes and heels for quick, precise turns. Universal Drop Thru Mounting – Lowers your board for easy pushing and extra stability. Rocker – Pre-loads your legs for easier tucking and turning. Bee Orange Finish – Enhances and tones the natural wood grain while protecting with an excellent wax barrier that repels water. The citrus-based polish is completely free of harmful chemicals and is an environmentally sustainable product.


Length: 106.7 cm / 42” Width: 25.4 cm / 10” Wheelbase: 83.8 cm / 33”. Construction: Bamboo & fiberglass.


HEY GUYS, We are cleaning out the shop and selling anything we don’t intend to sell or use, we have a few decks and some more items to make room for stock that is arriving. Two decks are New Never used, the Rayne and a Bustin Board Ibach both $110 shipped (us) pm me if anyone wants


Hello, would you ship to greece?shipping cost?thank you

I do apologize for the wait. I will check shipping. I do believe we can. I will get some prices for and shipping times. Thanks

Would you be able to provide a shipping address?

skoufa 142, arta , greece, 47100, gr thank you

I’ll have you a shipping quote in just a minute. Thanks

Ok. The most reasonable is 60 dollars shipping and it’s states 7-10 days with limited tracking. Insured. USPS with a 50$ declaration to help with taxes. Please let me know what you think, we can invoice through PayPal and ship by Friday. Thanks

hello again, do the boards come in their boxes? the total will be 160,170$?? thank you

Just to clearify witch deck are you interested in? I’m assuming the bamboo x ibach. It was shipped with another deck. But yes I do have the box it was shipped in. And yes. The shipping is 70 because of the size. If it was a 12x12 box would be way less. So I can ship to you for 170.00. I can invoice you through PayPal. And ship it out Friday. Let me know what you want to do. Thanks

the Rayne and a Bustin Board Ibach both… I thought you 'd ship both of them at that price…

Let me check with my brother on that. I do apologize I assumed you meant one. It would be a great deal but that shipping 68$ is for one. I’m sure the charge doesn’t go down when you double the weight. We can shop around for shipping that’s more cost effective but maybe slower and without tracking. Let me see what I can do. Ok. Thanks

that rayne is gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Can I still buy the ibach

I have an ibach with a few holes in them, I could sell for like 50$

I want to buy your rayne. Do we still have?