Bustin Meepo Campus 2 - My two cents

Hey all,

I know this is a DIY forum and this is like 1/4 DIY at best, but just wanted to show everyone my latest deck swap.

I’ve ridden a couple Chinese hub motor boards and always though the experience would be change drastically with a couple of quality components.

Meepo Campus 2 - $299 - shipped Bustin Reflex Bamboo Big Surf - Pintal - $75 - shipped

Total - $375

3 O tang Wheels - free because i had them laying around, but i guess $50 bucks if i was purchasing. The meepo wheels it comes with are decent quality but Otangs just feel so nice. Riptide Bushings - $20 Paris Truck - $25

I’m so impressed with the outcome. My fat ass weighs 200 pounds and this single hub cruises around at 20mph and the pintail rides so nice and range

I plan on replacing the front meepo truck with a paris v2 and I’ve got riptide bushings on the way.

For $375-450, this thing is a great starter board for someone who’s looking to get into esk8 without dropping 2k.

Only downfall is it doesn’t like hills very much, but if you plan accordingly, it’s no big deal.

Ride safe all!! IMG_0579 IMG_0581


I don’t recommend the Paris trucks because when you decide to make it good later (not “if” but “when”) then those hangers will be all but impossible to put good motor mounts on because they are round.

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this is my 4th board, I’m stoked at the performance/cost ratio of where it’s at. I only plan on putting a front paris truck on and leave the meepo as it is in the rear.

i’ll leave “better” for my direct drive and single/dual belt drives. :smiley:

This board is just for cruisin through my lil town not having to worry about wanting to hold my trigger down to go 30. hehe


What is the range on this thing?

Looks very clean. Nice job on a budget build.


Do you have the 4th unused o-tang wheel? @dickyho is looking to add o-tang wheel pullys to his available parts he sells.

I’d be willing to bet he’d hook you up on future needed parts if you were able to send him one.

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Wow. This is seriously clean. What is the braking performance like with the hub motor?

Thanks, Doug


Not sure. It advertises 13. I’ve only gone like 4-6 and never been below half.


Happy to help out and measure or send him the extra wheel but I’d expect it back. Have him PM me.


Single hub motor braking is what you’d expect. It works but not well. I’d trust it for everyday riding but not going down a huge hill.


do like!

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Nice work!

I’ve been looking around the internet to see if it’s possible to build the campus below the $300 cost and really can’t seem to be able to get the same performance for the same price.


Do you think the same setup will work with an earthwing supermodel deck?

It’s a downhill-style board that I have lying around. (The current iteration weighs 4 pounds but mine is an older model and feels quite a bit heavier than that.)