Bustin Nomad | Dual 6355 Torque 190KV| Dual Torque ESC VESC

Hello, I’ve done some research and have most of the pieces together for my first build. I will be using the board attached if possible but also considering the Loaded Vanguard Flex 1. I weigh 225lbs so I don’t know how to factor that into my build. My question really lies in the ion batteries I need and the amount to be able to power this board along with the specs in the title. I would like to be able to go at a top speed of 25 mph and achieve of a ride length of 20 miles. Any and all advice is appreciated. I would like to be able to change my wheels out from abce 11 and all terrain tires. Trucks is another area I need advice in . Thanks in advance.

Have a look at some of the other builds. There are hundreds on here and use the search button too

A little hint for the batteries is somewhere between 6s and 12s but you need to choose

First of all, read more, somone already adviced you that in different topic :slight_smile:

Bustin NOMAD, oh god, how sweet this deck is <3 but its not good for esk8… The bottom of the deck is too close to the ground, there is no space to mount batteries underneath the deck, you would probably have to have them above the deck between your legs, which is not a good option IMO…ALso you would have to use rear drive motor mount, because the motor can fit between the wheels and the deck…

I would never ever turn this deck into Esk8, its too sweet :slight_smile:

I actually picked up the Bustin Nomad, you can fit a 10S6P and Dual 6374s along with plenty of clearance for drop-through mounting. You’d have to mount the motors backwards though and use 90mm+ wheels.

It does suck to have to cover up the beautiful art on the bottom though.

Edit: Also I’d suggest against AT wheels, they would run into the drop down curve of the deck.

Man, pls stop opening new threads…you could just continue in the old one…it is just waste of time for those who try to help…

So don’t help man, complaining isn’t worth your or my time. The same time you spent writing your complain could of been spent just answering my question and I would of been out of everyone else’s hair. I’m glad your cool because you got this down but to others it doesn’t come as easy.

I’m not sure about the OP but I’ve successfully done this build. 10s4p battery is the biggest you’ll fit though.