Buy my controller

Selling Alien Power Systems controller for $45… barely used from Canada



Pm incoming.

If you do purchase this and ever decide on opening it up, please let me know

I’m interested in putting a feather remote set of internals on this as I like the look and the fact that it’s a trigger style(? I dunno what to call it) style

My stupid thumb is either too long or short for most remotes :roll_eyes:


Oh I do own this hahaha, im trying to get rid of it.

it´s a good remote, but be aware that the travel of the trigger is shorter than on a mini or GT2B remote.


So I should aim for something that utilizes the mini throttle?

The only one that I can think of would be the master cho

idk, maybe you have small fingers and will be happy with the aps remote. i with my fat fingers hat issues. maybe because i came from the mini/GT2B remote but for me it was too less travel. just wanted to mention it. everything is personal preference.

Thanks! I’ve got fairly large hands as well so it makes the difference :slight_smile:

Time to search for more options

Sorry op, I’ll stop cluttering your thread :heart:

im in canada too my dude! where u at? im outside ottawa id snag this if u still have it @mbothen

@jaytango 10char

This is still not sold, up for grabs!!!

is this still available by any chance?