Buy my Trampa stuff (Murica only) price drop

Alrighty kids, I’m selling all my Trampa stuff. These parts served me well I just have no use for them anymore.

I’d prefer to sell this as one lot but we’ll see.

Up for sale is…

  • 4x matte black and red superstar hubs.

  • 1 set of very used Urban Treads tires. They still have tread on them for another couple hundred miles. I just missed the perfect time to rotate them.

  • 8x tubes for the Urban treads. The 4 inside the tire have never had a pop or leak.

  • 5x Trampa Gummies in 75A, I legit put one mile on these before my board took a shit and never used them since. One of them has a bubble on it from the factory 2nd wheel from left. The one without a hub has never been ridden and is new.

  • 2x Trampa 62T gears for the Urban Treads

  • 2x 44T Trampa gears for the Gummies (I put a mile on these)

  • 2x 66T Boardbumper gears, (I used to use evolve trucks)

  • 4x Boardbumper Trampa adapters (already installed with set of reds)

  • 4x orginal Trampa spacers for the hubs in case you don’t need the boardbumper adapters.

  • All the original screws

I’ll sell all for $350, shipped next business day via FedEx ground from Philadelphia, PA.









You couldnt have waited for me to have money could you lol? Good luck with the sale bruv.

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Damn I want the gummies. Well if you do part out I would like the gummies!


How much for the gummies if I show up in person?

Not sure yet, I’ll see if it sells here as one big lot first.

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Fair enough, hit me up of it doesn’t

I’d be interested in the Urban treads and tubes if you end up separating the lot.

Bump. Price drop $320.

Bump. Buy my shit, $300

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Bumpity bump @ThermalChild i changed your title to add the price change . hopefully it will help this is a steal.

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I’ll take them. I’m in bmore. Send me your pay pall and I’ll send you my shipping info


@mmaner, sold please close.