Buying 90mm Build Kit Boards wheels, any opinions?

Simple as that, shortly I’ll be buying the 90mm flywheel clones from Build Kit Boards (@JLabs) and I just want to see if anyone has any opinions or advice to share. If no one chimes in I’ll just buy them anyway :slight_smile:

My plan is to combine them with a pulley kit from @johnny_261.

I’m sure they’re fine, @JLabs doesn’t have bad stuff

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There are a couple reviews in this thread

And there is a nice review on the product page itself


@JLabs is a saint. You will love them, he doesn’t make bad products.

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@scepterr @JLabs @GrecoMan Thanks! I wasn’t particularly worried about quality (pretty convinced they’re good now), was mostly just making sure no one was going to say “Those are good wheels but the hub’s very tight and you’ll have a hard time getting bearings in” or something like that :wink:

So it looks like I’ll whack that buy button in 45 minutes when I go to lunch :grin:

I’m not sure how much the shipping is for the pulleys, but if your in Australia and it’s cheaper to have Johnny ship the pulleys to me, and then I ship it all as one to you it won’t cost any extra on my end.

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Shipping is $15 extra for the pulleys to ship to Aus. So basically I’d save $15 USD. :thinking: On the other hand I’d have to wait for the pulleys to arrive to you, so I’m trading cost for shipping speed. Well thanks heaps for the offer, I’ll have a think about it.

@JLabs I decided it wasn’t worth the ~$20 AU it would save me to bother with that so I’ve just placed an order for some wheels :smile: Next up, order a pulley kit from @johnny_261

I have the jlab wheels just curiously I purchased real flywheels so when they get here Friday I’ll let you know if there is a big difference.

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Cool that will be interesting!

Wheels just came in I’m going to try to clean my bearings and install them by tonight.

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I had the chance to ride genuine flywheels and I could tell that there was a small difference because of the much softer duro. It wasn’t that different in the end, and IMO it’s not worth twice the price. I’m interested to see what you think after riding them!

i sell brand new 83mm flywheel clones 30 dollars

Got them installed rode around honestly like other have said there is a difference but it’s not huge difference. One notable difference was less sound from the softer duro. I honestly like the color


What board is that? Looks like it says Enertion on the deck but I don’t recognise it.

It’s a Raptor 1

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Forgot to say I received the wheels on the 5th and they look fantastic! They’re HUGE compared to my current 63mm wheels (obviously) and I can’t wait for the pulleys from @johnny_261 to arrive so I can try these bad boys out! :smiley: