Buying Bestech 10s 80A BMS

Need a bms with an eswitch In europe used or new burned my on the stupidest way possible

Hi, I’m currently in discussion with Bestech about buying 2 of these which is what I think you are after?

I only need one and I’m happy for you to buy the second one from me.

I bought two of these a while ago as of course you can’t buy 1, I have a brand new unopened one if you’re interested

Hi how are you, if anyone still have a bms for sale let me know? im looking to get one of those for use on a 10s lion pack.

Thanks, Shawn

Still got mine, I’m in the UK

What’s the price of one of those?

I paid $116.55 (£82.53) for the both + shipping so I’d like to get half of that if possible

Do you still have that bms for sale?

Sorry mate sold it