Buying drivetrain for 48$ or 23$

Bought these from jonny_261 over this forum


Later I found these for half the price


Have I just bought something I could have bought for the half price? :cold_sweat:

First buy for electric skateboard, TOTAL FAIL! :sweat_smile: Feeling so stupid…:sweat:

lol @lox897

It’s ok dude, just be careful about what you buy. I have asked Johnny why they are being sold for almost double the price. Maybe you can ask him for a partial refund?

Looks like Johnny has been a bad boy!

Year, it seemes like it, Ill see what I can do.

Don’t know why I had to post my stupidity out on the forum :sweat_smile:

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Everything is encouraged! No need to feel stupid! You have brought light to an issue and we will try our hardest to help you and protect future customers of Johnny.

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Yes, I’m now calculating the shipping

Bad Jonnyboy takes 48$ with the shipping

Ebay take 41.37$

Fast calculation would be 6,63$ I could have saved.

I did it with paypay, I can take the money back or should I just forget about it? @lox897 what do you think?

Ha, can’t do it because he wanted me to Pay it throu friends and family :weary:

Just have to trust, Jonny boi…

If you only saved $6 I’d probably just assume that Johnny has higher shipping because he is shipping it from wherever he is, whereas the ebay one is from Hong Kong and would’ve taken way longer. He probably made no profit but just charged a bit extra because he was in US or EU or wherever he is and it arrived to you quicker. Let’s wait to hear his story :slight_smile:

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bro! I just marked you to close this :smiley:

It’s important that problems get dealt with. I believe that the OP has resolved the problem now and knows why it costed a bit more. If he has any more questions he can PM me or the ‘vendor’. Mods don’t just close threads if they are valid. We will try our best to resolve as much as possible. Thanks for tagging me though :slight_smile: