Buying motor from Banggood and question about Vesc

Hello, im currently looking for parts for my first esk8 build and i find it har finding good but not to pricey motors. i found these and was wondering if they are any good? im gonna go for a dual motor setup.

Since i live in norway where the legal top speed is 20kmh on public roads i would like a quick method of switching between top speen on the go, i Have seen a app but how would i go about connecting a vesc to my phone. And what vesc is best?

The motors are good. If you’re looking for a esc that works for it, makerx would benefit for it, and so would a stormcore 60D.

As for speed, just set your pwm remote and change the signal strength to lower the speed.

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Thanks for the answer, but i see now that the motor doesnt come with a keway and i cant seem to find spare keyways anywhere else. but this comes with one and looks to be the exact same just a bit higher cost. what do you think?

Buy it from the original website from flipsky. They ship it with the keyway.

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iVE GOT TWO of those motors. they are great, except that they are NOT batttle hardened. This is not a problem, if using inflatable tires.