Bypassing Ebay BMS

Couldn’t find any topics on specific instructions on this so i’ll start a new one.

For the time being, I will be using this cheap bms from the eBay packs that I used to make my battery.

and here is my battery so yea, I need some instruction on wiring this up

made sure all the pics were oriented right @thisguyhere :joy:

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So u asking on a tutorial on how to bypass or what?xD

lol yes. need to bypass

haha shit forgot to add that to the main post. i’m too lazy now tho

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Just solder your neg coming from the battery to B- , the neg of your charger input to C- and leave P- alone.

Then just run your heavy guage wires directly from the positive and negative of your battery pack to your XT60/XT90 discharge plug which goes to your anti spark switch or directly to your VESC. :wink:

Edit: Oh and the pos from your charge cables directly to the main pos output of your battery.

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Check the diagrams post as there are several diagrams there that show how to do this as well.

does that apply to bms’s with with 2 wires for charge and discharge?

How do you mean?

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got it figured out. Thanks! I meant: when the bms was used for discharge and charge the charging port was spliced from the main discharge leads meaning I could use the discharge xt60 for charge if I wanted

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diagram? Pls

are you thinking of doing this to your pack?

Yes. I have 3x 3s and a 1s 7000mah lipo that I connect together to make a 10s lipo 7000mah. Right now I take all the lipo out and balance charge them individually. I want to buy a cheap bms and bypass the discharge. I am on the fence about this.