C Rating for 18650?

I have a 12S4P battery that am using a charger that came with the pack. This charge is a 2 amp charge.

I also have a DC charger that can do 12 amp, does anyone know if the 18650 can support that amount of amperage or can the battery internal BMS handle the amperage?

Is anyone charging the battery pack at a higher than 1C rating?

Thank for your help.

Definitely depends on the cells and the bms. Without knowing which cells and which bms installed, nobody can tell you.


Am not sure what BMS is inside the battery, but the battery are Samsung 30Q.

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you could see if the BMS shuts off or it blows a fuse/melts some tiny wire.

Your cheap charge port will melt at 12A

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I tend to use the charger that comes with the pack just to avoid issues. then again i dont know much about batteries… yet…

Those cells alone in a 4P configuration can do 16A charge HOWEVER everything else, wiring, BMS, connectors, etc, all has to be rated that high as well, I guarantee the charge port probably isn’t, it’s probably a 4A charge port. Also, fast charging will reduce the lifetime of the battery.

Best bet is to use the stock charger and build another esk8, so while one esk8 is charging, you ride the other one :metal:

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Thanks for the info, it’s good to know that at least the cells could do 1C.

Am going to follow you’re suggestion and build a 2nd pack with a capable BMS.

Do you have any suggestions on a BMS that can handle a 2C to 3C charge rate?

BMS are rated in amperes. Cells are rated in C. C means “per hour”.

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Daly BMS from AliExpress are good if you have a few months for shipping.