C6374 sensored motor

Has anyone used these motors before? If so had did they perform? Does anyone know what the “C” stands for?

The “6374” stands for the size of the motor.

Edit: Ignore what I said I didn’t read your question properly :frowning_face:

Thanks @Octave, I know the sizing its the “C” in front of the motor sizing I have never seen before.

Maybe it’s the “can/bell”. I don’t know why they would put the C but the motor looks nice.

i bought a pair of these from an east coast seller… shipping was quick and they look decent so far… except mine are unsensored (wish i wouldve seen these…may have to return the others =P )

I havent installed them yet… I want to feel my 6355s with this 12s upgrade im doing first… then add the bigger motors so i feel the progression upward as I install my parts…hopefully in the next couple weeks…

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I’m moving up to 12s as well.

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