Cable Risers and Bash Guard Files

Since I have had a lot of requests for information on the cable risers I posted in the pictures thread, I figured I would make a thread about it rather than message every one of you guys individually!

Big thanks to @unik / OKP for the inspiration for these and also being kind enough to let me share these files for everyone since they are similar to a product he sells! So if 3D printing isn’t your jam, head over here and buy one from him:

There are some basic instructions on the thingiverse page on how these work, but I’ll update this thread with better instructions later.



awesome! one question which is the best material to print this ABS, PLA, other…?

I had them printed in ABS, 200 microns with max infill - as I know it’s stronger, but maybe someone could try PLA and do a strength test?

I’m printing PLA now with max infill. Had some initial troubles printing at first because of the cable holes being to close together and my printer (Lulzbot Mini) dragged filament all over the bed because the filament wouldn’t stick when doing the small holes. Raised bed temp by 5 degrees and now it seems to be going fine.

Don’t know how to do a strength test though, but I’ve been rolling with regular PLA risers for a long time and not had any troubles.

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The first few attempts didn’t go so well. On my fourth attempt I tried printing it upside down with supports and it went a little better, but the cable ridges are very thin and the outer ones fell off. I also had some warping on one of the sensor holes. I’m going to try another PLA filament today.

@jackw: about the sensor hole, is there a way to expand them so the sensor connector (JST-ZH) can be pushed through? Most motors comes with the connector and cutting it needs re-crimping of the tiny tiny connector and that requires proper tools.


Hey that doesn’t look half bad! I can ask my 3D printer what he suggests as to get the best print.

The hole for the sensor wire is actually designed so you don’t have to take the connector off. Not sure what size your sensor connector is but if you push it through sideways it should fit. I’ll take some pics of mine again disassembled/ half assembled so it makes sense I need to!

My printer only takes 3mm (2.85) filament so maybe it’s hard to get clean details with it.

About the sensor wire, the connector is 11x5mm. I might be able to push it through if I bend the cables a bit. Gonna hold off on trying that until I get a good print though :slight_smile:

I’ve messaged my printer dude to see what he suggest. Also I’ve added a version that doesn’t have the small cable separating ridges if that’s giving people troubles!

Also I’m going to add a single drive version with left and right sides only for single drive setups soon!

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Awesome man! Looking forward to hearing back.

I’ll update here when I hear back from my guy, BTW are you running single drive or dual? The single drive versions are up now (or should be soon).

Planning on running dual on my Soda Factory, but I will probably run it as single first for a while.

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So as a first dabble into 3d printing i used the makerspace at my school to make a rear riser…the 12awg supports broke off when taking it from the bed but i assume its no problem and can fasten the wires with hot glue… this was a first print with 100% infill PLA

this is how it turned out

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Reviving an old thread, but are there 4mm bullet versions available?

Anyone know a good way to ensure the motor wires don’t fall out due to vibration ?

You taking about going into the the vesc heat shrink over them.

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I meant the motor wires to the risers