Cafesk8 | Arbor Axis | Caliber | TB 6374 230KV | DIYelectric single | 12S | TB 12S 120A ESC

This is my first build and it is a work in progress. Currently, I do not have it running due to some ESC - rx issues. The name is derived from my love for caffeinated beverages and profession.

The programming card…

Motor, mount, and trucks Unfinished system Battery box and ESC rx tx

Parts List: Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit Caliber Trucks Otang Kegel 80a 80m 56m contact Reds Swiss Bearings 16T/36T 9mm Kegel Drive Wheel Kit TB Motor 6374 230KV 3200W TB 12S 120A Car ESC OPTO HV Arbor Axis Turnigy 3S 5Ah x 4 batteries 3D printed parts are designed by @FLATLINEcustoms designer of the Mad Munkey TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller

Any and all input is welcomed, I love learning and look forward to riding this beast!


Looks good, is the esc issue because you don’t have a UBEC?

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That is what I am trying to figure out…I haven’t had a lot of time to dig into the issue, yet. @FLATLINEcustoms had the same input. I’m not sure what I need with this ESC

Did you program the ESC? Did you bind the controller? Does you receiver have 5v? does the receiver get input signals

First I bound the tx and rx connected to the single lead from my esc. All was fine. Second, I tested the throttle control. It was wonky and the motor went to full power and wouldn’t stop unless I held the throttle stick all the way down. I had to power the board off. Then, I unplugged the rx and plugged the programmer in and the screen booted up like the youtube tutorial. I proceeded to follow those directions from YT and after the first input, the screen went blank. Now, I have an ESC that will only output 0.5V to that accessory cable.

Did I blow something in the ESC?

The full throttle issue was because you need to reset throttle neutral by rebinding the remote. You need to do this anytime you change the throttle trim. I’d recommend getting 12mm belts for a single drive or you may find yourself breaking belts quite often depending on your weight and riding environment.

Also going that fast on a single drive is a recipe for disaster unless you know how to stop.

First off, thank you @JLabs @NNGG @Jinra for your hyper-fast responses! I truly appreciate all of your input!

@jinra Dually noted, but now I can not get my rx to power on?! All this happened after the first binding event.
You are definitely right. I am about 200lbs and will be riding around Georgia Tech, which is super hilly!
Do you have any recommendations? on belts? New drive systems?

Oh, and I have been riding a Boosted Dual+ for a year now and have improved my braking skills. Mostly to avoid getting run over by the Tech Trollies!!!

Luckily you’ll just need to upgrade your wheel and motor pulley and get a wider 12+mm belt. Or if you’re looking for a better (but pricier) upgrade, you can get a second motor and 9mm drive kit and run dual diagonal. All the torque you’ll ever need!

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That esc requires a UBEC to step down the voltage for the receiver. Not sure how you got the programmer tonight up with no ubec

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I sell the same esc, and have the Ubec for sale if u need it.

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I’m not opposed to upgrades but really need to get this thing running, asap. I have extra belts, and I even have 12mm belts sitting here, do you have a wheel-pulley recommendation?

Me neither! Powered by ignorance!

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I think DIYES has those options. I use his mount and motor pulley, but I use the 12mm Enertion drive wheel pulley myself. I don’t 100% recommend it unless you’re comfortable cutting off a bit of your trucks. Though I fully recommend it if you are!

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That’s awesome @JLabs thank you for the rec I will check it out!

@ch3m1st glad to see you finally got on here.

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@FLATLINEcustoms me too! I need so much help to finish this thing! Everyone is super helpful!