Caliber 2 baseplate

Anyone in Europe have caliber 2 baseplate they’d sell?

They dont sell the bases separately, it would be from a broken set or something, you can get Randal baseplates individually and they fit, in a few angles too,


How much they go for? sell caliber baseplates

Oh wow 1st ive seen it, they must be parting out the trucks, lol… Original told me in the past they don’t offer parts. Grab those, they might be one of the only places to get parts for calibers.

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Only thing is with shipping it’s as expensive as a whole truck lol

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Atleast in the US you can get a whole set of trucks for the same or less $$

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I once emailed Caliber and asked for a price on a baseplate, i got one for 12 bucks shipped via their support.

Might be worth a try, shipped from US as normal post no customs to Denmark.

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I’ll try that… cam ya remember what ya said lol