Caliber 2 for sale

Everything is best offer. Shipped from Ontario via Canada Post.

Caliber 2s are 44 Degree. Comes with stock blood orange 89a bushings, and 90a or 93a venom pivot cups!

Riot Caliber 2 set, insert bushing, regular barrel, and pivot cups are all 92a. Made on a CNC lathe, super precise and take a lot of slop out of calibers. Too hard for my weight.

Dibs on the all terrain wheels with pulleys

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how much for kegels?

Huge intrest in the james kelly combo. Shoot me a pm about price rannge for the board + enclosure and a second price point for the board + enclosure + trucks.

Had an arbor kelly before, its a nice one.

Interested in the deck as well! Send me a pm if Michi isn’t interested.

Shredlights are sold.

Everything else is still available.

Well I would LOVE that deck. Problem is that apparently shipping anything out of canada to Europe is like magic to them or at least as expensive as buying the deck 2 times… So I let you have it, hope you enjoy it.

dude, like how expensive is sending shit up there. What the hell, its easy trippel than enywhere else on the world. Intresting is, that ALL companys even privat ones, just trippel their price as soon as it crosses the boarder to canada. So it would be cheapest to sent it to USA, THEN declare it as a shipment from USA to europe and even then it would cost a total of 65$. I mean why ``? Like I checked, I ordered 5 deck from original 2 months back. I payed 28$ for 5 times the weight and 3 times the size…

I don’t even…

Try buying stuff from everywhere to Canada!!! That is what destroyed my budget when constructing my board. That said, i love this country. We just have to figure out the shipping because it’s seriously craze-balls.


bump, shredlights and flywheel pulleys are gone.

Everything is BEST OFFER. Seems like US and Canada are the only viable options due to shipping.

somone take this deck + enclosure, or I will have to build my own shipping inc. for cannada man . lol

hmmmm @zpoole27 said “Best Offer” and no one has made an offer on the deck and enclousure. I’ll start it at $40 for the deck and enclosure…let the offers begin!

What is an approximate shipping cost for sending the deck and enclosure to California?

Alright. I’d do 80 CAD shipped. In Canada… Looks like exactly the type of deck i like. Gotta have me some tail kick.

Pm sent about mbs wheels

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Probably 20-30USD

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Deck and enclosure are sold!


$5 for the kegels haha you asked for best offer and no one has offered