Caliber clones from china reliable?

Hey guys

I found a factory in China that sells caliber clones for 5euro/ piece (no shipping no import). This sounds to good to be true? Will this be crap or should I try them?

Someone experience with china clone trucks?

Thanks for the feedback

Grtz Frederic

I tried a few and you have to prepare for big tolerances. So you need a adjustable clamp design to fit a motor mount on it, because some are bigger some are smaller…

Also make sure to check the material, some make strange, soft alloys which bend the first time you step on the board.

Third point is pivot cup and bushings - most of them are just pure shit and you should replace them as soon as you get them.

These are the points to check. If the material is good and you don´t expect high precision and replace the soft parts, it might be worth a try for a cheap solution.

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The problem is they only accept orders for 100/pcs so if it’s crap that would be very sad haha :slight_smile:

Maybe they let you know at least what material they´re using, or maybe you can get a sample?

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I think meepo uses calib clones for the front, $12.90 with free shipping decent value



You tried them?

yes I did a meepo swap onto a 80’s powell deck with a tail and given it some abuse, i tried wall ride and bent the washer but it didn’t break or crack anything.

I did consider trying one for a belt mount in future purely due to how cheap they. Also the riser is actually rubber so usable compared to the hard plastic junk that comes with lots of cheap trucks.


Yes it is possible to be good quality, the caliber trucks are 18 euro in wholesale so production will be less than half… My guess 6-9 euros, so 5 euro might be possible

I also used them, i also honestly used the hangers on my first diy board.

They fit well on caliber clamps the ones i had, not bigger neither smaller and the quality was great no soft metal so that wasnt a problem.

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The biggest problem that I have found with clone trucks that I have used is trying to replace the pivot cup. The standard Caliber II cup usually doesn’t fit.

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But it’s not that the clones break in two parts?

I have caliber clones but haven’t used them, I bought them from China. I can sell them to you if you want them?

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Where precisly? Can you send me a link in DM?

@e.board_solutions You do understand that theres a 98% chance that its 5 euro for 1 truck not a pair right?

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Yes per truck, still cheap no?

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Sounds cheap, but you probably know more about that than me.

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No, only thing I know is the caliber 2 are 18 in wholesale, so my guess 9 or less for production :slight_smile:

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Good find on the trucks If they work OK then esk8 can become a bit cheaper for all :smiley: I like your budget kits Cheap easy unlike torque boards kits they cost a fortune,

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I think it’s a bit overpriced atm :smiley: especialy for the mounts & enclosures :smiley:

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And batterypacks with a bms only for charging will be also much cheaper