Caliber I vs Caliber G II

Looking to buy caliber trucks and first genaration Caliber I is much cheaper for me than model G II. Are there any big differences between them? I guess a regular caliper motor mount will fit on both models, or am i wrong?

No sure about Calliber G, but the torque boards clamp and mount works with the regular calliber II trucks

Caliber 1 is TKP (traditional kingpin) and Caliber 2 is RKP (reverse kingpin)

Caliber 1 will be harder to mount a motor to but will be better for shortboards and 20-25mph builds

Caliber 2 will be easier to mount a motor to and better for faster longboards

The RKP TB218 trucks are better for esk8 than the Caliber2

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Any recommendations on where to buy Calibers in EU other than Blue-tomato?

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Caliber II and Caliber I are both RKP trucks as far as I know. The Caliber Standards are the TKPs. CALIBER I - RKP: Caliber II - RKP:°-Longboard/dp/B00NY3Q5P4/

you can see the blank caliber logo on the Cal Is and the Cal IIs have a II in the center of the logo. I believe the Caliber I and Caliber II run the same baseplate, but the hangar is slightly different. I think the changes were made mainly to the bushing seat and pivot on the hangar, along with an updated kingpin.

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@PrestonYoungsley Looks like you are correct, my bad :slight_smile:

no worries, i didn’t mean for that to come off as rude if it did. just stating what I think I know. :sunglasses: