Caliber II width vs freebord hanger on gullwing sidewinder

Like title says:

Haven’t tried the normal sidewinders yet just skating but thought if I’m gonna do it go big. Should fit two 6374 motors. Should have these mounted to board later today…see if I like the ride or not.

And yea those are brand new ABEC ’ s I’ve been hoarding


Those look really wide! How many inches from outside wheel to wheel?

Did you know that you can remove the center knuckle and mount the hanger directly to the base plate? I’ve done that with standard Sidewinders and it makes them much more stable.

wow, sidewinder + freebord g3 hanger = evolve super carve trucks?

looking forward your review.

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Yea I’ve been reading about them. I figure it will all be new to me so…you know for science.

First the full double kingpin without motors, I’ve never tried, then single kingpin, decide which rides better and proceed to the build. I think I’m gonna use Whitepony Ronin motor mount method. Too many projects.mountain board, urban Carver, hummies hub and mods. If only the day were 30 hours.

While I was getting hangers anyway I went ahead and sprung for a 40 euro board as well…have to tap the mounting holes…this will be what I’m throwing this experiment onto.

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Madrid ride today with @tueboard at Retiro Park!!! More building later …

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So…double kingpin is way too sloppy for our purposes. Great turning at 15 k/he but at speed, stupid scary. Think I’m going single. Waaaaaay more stable. Board looks sexy as shit though, I think. Might throw on hummies hubs, and see how they ride.


great job mate ! props for the creativity on this one !

does that mean you can use any standard kingpin truck base and put the super wide freeboard hanger on it? Or where do you get just the sidewinder base plate?

I bought a full set of sidewinders…secondhand

Has the Freebord hanger the same shape as the Caliber II truck? I mean would a Caliber II motor mount fit?

Nope…reread above. Whitepony tube method.

Though supposedly darkangel or someone tried Enertion mounts and those worked too.

Yep I’m sorry, thought this method was something different. But what does this method?

Basically take a tube the circumference of the torqueboard or alien mounts, fill in epoxy between the hanger and tube, presto - the mounts clamp onto the tubed section

That sounds well since I have the alien mount and wondered if that truck clamp would fit on there. Thanks!

Progress reports this and other builds : decided I like the clean look of hubs and have some hummies without epoxy and these have longer axels so…gonna try a clean looking freeboard on hubs with 10s4p battery. I have a few more hangers on the way too from freebord so I will probably try to set them up with pulley systems to swap out.

In other news I found a 16 ply urban Carver on eBay in the states for 150 US with free shipping to AK so that was purchased and will be coming back to Spain. Also selling some parts in Spain so hopefully will have some $ for future builds and to outfit my new buolds. Here’s the stable as she stands…

Obviously these aren’t the hummies hubs on now…but soon. Too much grading for now


Are the Freebord hanger able to accommodate pneumatic wheels?

They are standard skate axels…so Enertion hubs, psychotiller hubs and any all terrain that fit longboard standard hubs

Ok, so your Trampa wheels are too wide?