Caliber Trucks That Match Orangtang Caguams?

There are 13 color Options that I know of for caliber trucks (if there are more please tell me) and, I really like the look of the Orangtang Caguams, so I was wondering what is your favorite match up of the trucks and wheels together.

Wheels *Orange and Green *Purple and Green *Teal and Green


  • Acid Melon
  • Blackout
  • Forest Green
  • Midnight Satin Red
  • Satin Blue
  • Satin Coral
  • Satin Gold
  • Satin Green
  • Satin Lavender
  • Satin Purple
  • Satin SeaFoam
  • Satin Smoke
  • White and Gold

Black or raw trucks match everything :upside_down_face:


Orange goes really well with green trucks.



Thst does look pretty clean

Honestly the color wears off quite fast from pebbles and other scratches, raw finish will look the best the longest. However, the orange bushings on the blue trucks match quite well with the orange wheels.

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