Calling all EU Vendors

I get a lot of emails regarding the super high shipping charges and import taxes. I wish I could lower the prices on those kinds of things but I just can’t.

I am based in the US and a good 1/3 of my customers are from EU. Therefore, it makes sense to have either an EU group buy or better, a vendor for my stuff.

Shoot me a message if you’re interested.


I think most off the eu venders has their own mounts etc.

True, maybe a group buy? It is for more than just mounts. I have lots of new stuff like the 220mm hanger


Not all there must be someone out there in the European wilderness that want to collaborate.

maybe @DavidBanner?

I said “most” not all :wink:

If I had more time, I was willing to help. But I have also some friends with a shop so I don’t want to take down his business that way…

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what sort of products are you thinking about?

VAT and shipping, plus import duties will still need to be paid of course…

I understand him. Shipping more mounts in one box will drop the shipping cost. Also adminstration fee for the customs can be lower.

Please can someone make this happen.

I have had several people contact me so far. This is happening it is just a matter of who, when, and how.

@DavidBanner Mounts, pulleys, and hangers mostly. Mechanical components only.

Yes, but unfortunately none of the EU vendor mounts have a 2-piece clamp, nor possibility for an idler, making these mounts superior in every way pretty much. I’ll be buying a pair sometime over summer, would be awesome if someone stocked them in Europe :slight_smile:

thats not actually true. Street Wing mounts have all that, although i do need to update the photos / description to show the new holes for idlers

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if you could drop me a pm with parts, moq and prices i can make a decision

Sorry, didn’t know your mounts now have idler support. Also, I’m a bit skeptical of the approach of turning the square caliber shape into a circle, and then using pressure to mount on that, but I have no experience to back these doubts. In any case, @boardnamics mounts are cheaper even by shipping them individually to the EU vs your mounts, so… :slight_smile:

they work perfectly, had 0 returns and 0 complaints

thats not surprising, manufacturing and operating costs are much much higher in the EU, doubly so in a big city like London

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you could contact @mydutch from or the guy from