Came back after one year break with new questions, please help

Hi guys, I’ve been absent for some time and I have few quick questions :smiley: Can I use screws to mount my enclosure to the board (photos below)? It’s bamboo board, carbonfiber enclosure. Until now it’s been holding on velcro but after I crushed I now it must be changed

I have four of Turnigy LiPo 3s batteries in series there and I wonder if I can charge them together (without balance cables)? (diagram below if something is not clear) Now I use Imax B6AC to charge them one by one Bez tytułu

I will appreciate any help :grin:

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You could use inserts to screw your enclosure to the deck. Something like that,

They are called rampa inserts or just screw inserts i think.

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You put this into a deck then just a screw into them? If i see right they have a hex key hole to screw them into the deck?

Exactly, you can also find a normal screw-like inserts and not imbus or hex. Its the best way to mount the enclosure imo.

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can I just drill through and use bolt, washer, nut?

Of course :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for help :smile:

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How about charging?

Use a bms.

Are there any suitable for my setup, available in EU?

Bestech and supower.

ok, on their pages I should look for 12s bms? with what voltage or amperage? (sorry for stupid questions but I really forgot how things work with electronics :yum: )

12s 50.4v 60a or higher is what most of us use here. Depends on your battery too.


Nice build, and the carbon fiber looks good! You probably know it but just to be sure: Radio signals often get stuck in carbon fiber enclosures. A lot of people have the antenna of the receiver on the outside so they have good connection. Maybe this helped you (its off topic iknow haha) :wink:

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I never had any problems with signal but to be honest I didn’t know it can happen :open_mouth: thanks

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Ah okay, I myself have no experience with carbon fiber haha but I heard some people talk about it