Campus Cruiser | Arbor Zeppelin 32" | Caliber 50 | Dual 6354 | 12s LiPo | FOCBOX Unity

My goal with this build was to create something with decent speed, range, and acceleration that was also compact enough to easily carry around by the front truck, mainly for getting around on a college campus. As a secondary goal, I wanted to make the batteries <160wh and removable, to open up the possibility of bringing the board on an airplane.

The build:

  • 32 inch Arbor Zeppelin deck
  • Caliber 50 trucks
  • MBS 100mm all-terrain wheels
  • Torque Boards motor mount kit
  • Dual 6354 190KV 2450W Flipsky motors
  • Enertion FOCBOX Unity dual VESC
  • 2X HRB 6S 6.0Ah LiPo battery in series
  • Tactical pouch mounting bag
  • Custom 3D printed enclosure for ESC


  • Upgraded all connectors to XT90
  • ESC enclosure and battery bag mounted straight through board with 1" stainless bolts and nylock nuts

IMG_3601 IMG_3605 IMG_3600 IMG_3702

To mount the battery bag, I cut two rectangles out of thin steel, one to serve as a mounting plate on the board side, and the other to protect the battery on the ground side. I 3D printed a plate of the same size, which i then pressed the nuts into. To mount the bag, I shortened four bolts (so they wouldn’t poke through to the batteries) and drilled through the board and board-side plate to bolt into the printed nut-plate within the bag.


Hooked everything up, connected my GT2B remote with Mastercho 3D printed case, and took it for a ride. Trucks are pretty tight to avoid wheelbite, but I think I could go bit looser without any issues. Got about 10 miles or range ending on ~25% battery, which is pretty much empty for LiPo batteries. The board is nice and stable at 25mph+ considering how short it is.


how do you like that deck? I was eyeing it for awhile too.

It’s been great for this build.

do you think with wider trucks like say TB218’s you’d be able to mount it drop thru but still keep big 100mm+ wheels?

The TB218 trucks should be a little over two inches wider than the Caliber 50s. That gives you about 1.1” extra on each side - looks like that might be just enough to make your setup work.image

Then again, when carving, the truck will angle towards the wide part of the board and reduce clearance.

I do like the look of drop-mounted trucks, but this board still rides great without drop-mounting.

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