Campus Cruiser | Bustin Bonsai | Calliber II | 12s2p | TB 6374 190kv | TB mount | VESC

Hello. I’m new to esk8 but not to skateboarding itself. I’m planning to build a campus cruiser to go around <20mph. I live in socal but I attend school in the flat cornlands of illinois so hills are that huge of an issue. I currently have a bustin bonsai that is lying around that I think is a good size to carry around (and bring on the plane). I have my parts planned out but most of them aren’t ordered so any input is helpful. Just note that my wallet isn’t infinite :frowning: So here we go!

Board: bonsai 29" length with 16.5" wheel base - BOUGHT Motor: 190kv 6374 motor for TB

Mount: TB 63mm motor mount EDIT: Will buy from buildkitboards instead. I am considering buying a mount kit from marcmt88 but I dont think I’ll benefit with an idler pulley

Pulley Kit: 36T 14T kegel pulley kit ***Very unsure about this. Is this a good ratio? I’m not looking for speed

VESC : also from TB

Wheels: 80mm kegel

Battery: 12s2p standalone from miamielectric Edit: was told about a disconnection issue. Will look into. Also I have a spot welder somewhere on campus that I can use so I can probably make my own.

BMS: also from miamielectric

Remote: Probably a mini from TB will replace with a DIY when i get back to campus where my 3d printer is collecting dust EDIT: going with diykitboards here too

Enclosure: 12" coupe from pyschotiller. Huge shoutout to him for going out to find a spare enclosure lying around that was no longer listed on his website.

Will update the thread with pictures once they start coming in. Stay tuned!

Why don’t you go with the mini remote from Build kit Boards also the motor mount they have is cheaper. Also @MrCamil is selling some of the parts you want.

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Wow didn’t even notice buildkitboards existed. Guess I didn’t do enough research. Would you recommend buying the mount, remote and belt there and buy the gears from TB?

Yeah I would go with that. I Am doing a similar build same everything but with a sector 9 deck 29im

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Jared also has kegel pulleys

Hi quick question for the belts. Should I go for the 265mm or 255mm belts?