Can a max of 35mph be achieve on this?

Hey guys. Reallly curious if you can get a 35mph on a single drive?

6374 r spec 10s3p Focbox 16/36 gear 90m

What will be the optimal vesc settings to maybe try to reach 35mph?

what’s your motor kv

190kv 10chars

i have a similar one and im scared to take it full throttle i feel like it can i have 12s4p 190kv 6374 16/36 and easily get to 25 with plenty of throttle left, i have no where to test full throttle in nyc though.

you won’t make it with that setup, 32-33 max

What will be the settings to reach 32 at least

I agree with Jinra, 35km/h perhaps but not mph. However with that said if you go down hill :slight_smile: fastest I hit on my single drive was 88km/h :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget to take in to account stopping distance/rate and many other caveats to high speed breaking in single drive

Step up to 200-230kv or 12s @ 190kv

I was able to get 33 mph with dual Carvon V2 145kv ( 1:1 gear ratio) 12s voltage My weight at the time 185lbs

I have not been able to go over 28mph with any of my belt drive setups.

I got 30+ on my dual 6355 setup 10s3

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same kv same V. same speed. you could get there with: 230kv motor. or 12s battery. or 20/36 gearing.

I weigh 215lbs I’m running 9s, a single 190kv 6374, 16:32, 90mm wheels. I’d say it’s DEFINITELY possible.

It’s not about weight or efficiency. You literally can’t reach 35mph given that the theoretical max of the setup is 36mph assuming zero sag. Since zero sag is impossible, especially on 18650’s, he’ll never get 35mph in real world riding even on full charge.

Keep in mind you’re gearing is quite a bit tighter than his setup as well.


Correction: my gearing is 16:36, sorry typo. I suppose you’re right. If he had a good downhill, and crouched he’d achieve his 35mph goal! :sweat_smile:

Well with those 90 meter wheels…



lol 90 metre wheels, I missed that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: