Can (and should) you make a deck from ONE piece of wood?

I think I might be making my own deck. I don’t need concaves, and any other stuff. My question is that is it a good idea to make it out of a single piece? I am most concerned about durability, and vibration.

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it would certainly be possible but it would have to be unnecessarily thick and would be less flexible.

I would obviously buy the right thickness, and I am fine with less flex.

Do you think it would be strong enough?

sure… depending on the thickness it will. And it will not only be thicker but also heavier. Any reason you don’t want to use plywood?

I don’t want to mess with glue, and clamps :wink: . But weight is important, so I might use plywood…

just buy a sheet of plywood. you dont have to make it yourself. and I’m sure you can find a longboard deck somewhere for 20-30 bucks. no need to make it yourself unless you want something very specific.

Sadly I want something very specific… My deck has to be almost exactly 90cm long, and with the biggest possible wheelbase.

The reason being, 90 cm is the biggest deck I can fit into my school locker, and I want the most stability I can get.

Although, if you can show me a deck like this, that can be shipped to europe, and still be under 100€, I would be very thankful :grin: !

My ACTON Blink deck is about 65cm, it’s the 1s gen Blink board. I am not sure what is the size of their new ones.

Cool! Could you tell me why are you telling me this?

Do more research so you can find plenty of options.

check out the ciemah micro its 86.5cm long

The ciemah micro is a pretty sweet option!!! To this point I have only found similar decks from America, and shipping from there is usually more than the deck itself. Thanks a lot! I have been looking for days now.

Hey! I made my own deck from a sheet of birch plywood with 15mm. Do you think is thick enough?

15mm is plenty thick

Get good Baltic birch ply, not the cheap crap from Lowes or Home Depot. You will have to look around for a good hardwood supplier but it’s worth it, more than twice as many plys.

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Nice! Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have torqueboards carbon fiber 33" potato. It has an integrated enclosure u can easily fit 12S4P into if you DIY the battery.

Don’t get me wrong, those are awesome looking boards, but the price is too much for me at the moment.

That deck is awesome too, but I really want to utalize the 90 cms, and having lipos, this deck may not be for me.